Wednesday 27 November 2019

A Brave Thing for a Grampa to Do!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

Today was back to being hot and humid.   I HAD to look at our 12 volt electrical problem because the power quit altogether and our fridge, although running on 110 volt power requires 12v to light up the front display.  Now I'm not sure if the fridge shuts off if it doesn't have 12 volt or just doesn't light up.  I never thought to check.  Oh well!!   It wasn't hard to figure out the problem once I got into the battery compartment.  Yup a wire corroded right off.  It is funny how something that simple can make you think the whole world is coming to and end when the problem first occurs.  Of course the digital display inside read good because it is hooked to a different battery post, and the actual batteries were in good shape and fully charged, just no power going to the motorhome.  I first envisioned spending big money on batteries and a converter. And of course the problem of getting them down here to Mexico!!  Nope, that stress was not needed.  I dodged a bullet this time.

To add to the mystery, this was the crossover wire that I had changed in Bismark ND on Oct 17 on our way down.  First thing I thought was that I had not tightened the connections because the nuts on both ends were super loose.  When I looked closer, I realized that the nuts had corroded to the point where there was about a 1/8 inch gap between the nut and the wire end.  This created some good corroding action for sure.  I guess the nuts were made of something that doesn't work well with batteries!!

Good thing I had a spare crossover wire to put on.  It is a little skinnier but the 2.0 crossover wire that was on it, was a bit of overkill to start with.  While I was under there, I topped up the batteries and washed them off.  I use a mustard bottle with a plastic hose to fill the hard to reach batteries.

After all of that it was time to head over to the pool for a cooling dip.  On the way we saw a couple of the guys fixing a water line.  They had dug the hole out by hand and were just putting the pipes together.

After determining that they didn't need my help we hit the pool.  It feels so good.

After lunch I headed down to the ocean to see if Steve was catching anything with his new rod and reel.  He didn't have much luck but the pelicans around him caught quite a few.  And the guys in the boat were net fishing.  Better luck next time.

Grampa's are a different breed when it comes to what is considered the important things in life like birthdays.  Grampa's don't always remember birthdays, but by gosh we will come to the party if there is food.  The present opening is always fun because we get to see what we bought for the occasion.  Most times we do pretty good with the gift, thanks to Gramma.  Well one of the things Grampa's enjoy is watching them all grow into whatever they will be in there lives and pictures help a lot recording that process.  Soooo this grampa is going to start featuring kids and grandkids birthdays so I will have a record as they progress.  I will try to at least do a monthly birthday mention and even better maybe I can get it on the actual day.  You will want to stick around for this because I have the cutest grandchildren in the world.  Just sayin!!!

Hard to believe but Emma is our second, soon to be third, youngest grandchild.  She is a sweety pie and has a sparkle in her eye that will melt your heart.  We love her pigtails, and especially like when she just has one on the side.  Happy 2nd Birthday Emma.  It was on November 21st.

And Rio had a birthday today, November 27th and she turned 10.  Rio is our Gymnast of the family.  She is a smiley kid except when she is grumpy!!  Even then Grampa Lorne can get a little smile from her.   We are so happy that she came into our family and has found a way into our hearts.  Happy Birthday Rio


  1. In an emergency, you can bypass the fridge 12 volt system entirely. The electric heating element usually has an standard 15 amp plug on the end of it. Unplug it from the power box in the fridge compartment, and plug it directly into a 15 amp extension cord. You will have to monitor the temperature by unplugging it as necessary, but it will keep things cold.

  2. Happy Birthday to Rio and Emma. Such cutie pies!!!
    Nice of you to offer to help with the water issue, very Canadian!!
    Also glad to hear that the electrical issue was an easy fix.
    Keep on having fun!

  3. Nice warm days are great. Glad you able to fix your electrical problem easily and cheaply. You have some cute grandkids. Enjoy Thanksgiving.

  4. Yes grandpa they are cute kids :-)

  5. Adorable young ladies. Yes, you should be proud, Gramps. :)

  6. Great fix on the electrical problem. I like your mustard bottle and hose for filling the hard to get at batteries, I use a turkey baster to get at one of mine that is awkward.


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