Saturday 23 November 2019

Christmas Pictures and Mexican Accident

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

We decided that today would be a beach day so after lunch we all loaded up and headed down to the beach.  The beach is quite a ways below us so we cheat and take the jeep down so we don't have to climb the hill when we are done.  Beautiful day with a bit of overcast, just perfect for us.

We sat around for a while watching the waves crashing.  They were quite big today and packed a good punch.  Steve grabbed the boogie board and headed out to give us a demonstration.  He and Julie have done this before.  He did quite well and made it look easy.

Because the park is up on a hill there are rocks beneath it and the waves were really crashing on them.  It is pretty to watch that power.

In this picture there is a pretty young Mexican girl sitting on the rocks waiting for her boyfriend who was swimming.   She eventually got wet from the spray from the waves.

There were two other young boys maybe 12 or so that came down to ride their boogie boards.  They had their little 3 year old brother with them.  Obviously they were babysitting him but the waves were so perfect that they just had to take a few rides.  The little guy kept going in the water and the bigger boys would have to come back in and shoosh him back up on the beach.  Finally one of the boys buried the little guy in the sand and told him to stay there and he did for the longest time!!! LOL  The tide was coming in so we kept a good eye on him so he didn't get washed over.

Finally the two older kids brought him over by us and after the little guy blabbered to us for a while we agreed to watch him while the big guys went surfing.  Big smiles all the way around.  Even at 3 they know how to handle themselves when a big wave comes.  This little guy got completely covered by water a few times and came up smiling.

We had a great day sitting on the beach and swimming in the ocean.  I'm glad no one got any video of me riding the boogie board cause I got beat up pretty good before making it to shore.  There were arms and legs everywhere for a while. lol  I had fun though.

We got back and had a shower and a cool down swim in the pool and Sue and I headed into La Penita for groceries.  It is only about a mile but rather than walk, we took the Jeep.  Got all the groceries we needed for 139 pesos which is about 9.50 CND and headed for home.  Got to the stop light and there was a colectivo ahead of us.  These are newer vans that they use for buses and sometimes taxi's.  We are behind him and I notice him start to roll back.  A good lot of these vans have standard transmissions and if your foot is not on the brakes firmly they will roll back.  I blew the horn but just as he put on the brake he hit the front of us real lightly.  Well out he came crying wolf and how we hit him.  I got out and confronted him a bit and started taking pictures and shaking my finger at him.  Of course some of the locals came over and started saying Peso's!  I stuck to my guns and I guess he felt there was nothing in it for him so he got in the van and left.  There was no damage to either vehicle so I guess that was the end of it.  I guess I won the first accident war!!!  I can see how some people might be intimidated by the aggression at first but if you stick to it, they will sometimes give in.  If it had of been my fault then a few peso's would have been the way to handle it I'm sure.  By the look of the dents in the back, this was not this dudes first accident.  We are going to take the dash camera out of the Ponderosa and put in the Jeep because those things help with accidents and police sometimes when you point them out.  Hope we never have to use it though.

Back home and a great Insta Pot supper of pork chops and veggies.  I love the Insta Pot!!

Christmas is starting to sneak up on us and look what we are getting on Facebook. The good old Christmas pictures.  Thanks guys.

Our oldest, daughter Sheri and Gord and their family.  L-R  Joey, Sheri, Dani, Donovan, Gord, Rio

And our second oldest, son Derek and Nicole, and their family.  L-R Nicole, Emma, Abby holding picture of Clayton who is with us in Heaven, Derek, Silas.

And our third oldest daughter Kaitlyn and Greg and their family.  L-R Greg, Gracie, Kaitlyn, Max.

And our youngest daughter Karalee and her SO Matt.  L-R Karalee, Matt!

Woops I meant to post this one but how could I resist the first one!!  Those must be her favourite colours!!!

Here is another park flower picture.  We have had a fantastic day.  Hope you did too!!


  1. Nice family Christmas pics! And good for you, or lucky you, for coming out on top with the "accident".

  2. Wonderful pictures of your beautiful family.
    Great picture of the waves hitting the rocks.

  3. Love the water crashing on the rocks, the waves are powerful. It's the kind of day that I like to be in the water. Nice family pics. I know Pat is chomping at the bit to get the Christmas decorations out once we settle at Pilot Knob middle of December.

  4. Fun on the beach - waves are Bill's thing, not mine at all. Love the little guy in the sand! Now that is babysitting!!
    Beautiful Christmas pictures of family and yes, I am chomping ............


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