Friday 8 November 2019

Simple things in Life

Over the course of time we have been told a lot of stories of Mexico mainly by people who have never been here, or have been secluded in all inclusives, and only get out of the gate on an organized tour.  Now don't get me wrong, that is great, but you don't get to see some of the behind scenes.  Some of the stories are about how you can't buy anything in Mexico other than fruit and vegetables and trinkets.  Well I plan on writing a whole blog on all of the stuff that they have here in the local home building and hardware stores.  They have a lot of stuff.  Now saying that, there are some things that are really hard to get because the Mexican people just don't use them.  One of those things is coffee cream especially Half and Half.  The last time we saw Half and Half was in San Carlos early in our journey.   It was at Walmart.  Since then we have not been able to find it anywhere.  Sue has tried Sam's Club, Costco, Walmart, and we have tried a lot of the local stores to no avail.  Yesterday when I went over to our little onsite restaurant, Cecie was pouring Half and Half into someone's coffee.  She says she will find me some!!  Problem solved!!  You can always find someone who will get what you need down here, but it may have a slightly inflated cost!!  I'm good with that.  Now I can enjoy my coffee again.  Oh by the way they have the best coffee down here!!

It was hot again today, 33C so we didn't do much.   Sue and I went down town to get a few things.  It is less than a mile to downtown but with this heat, we took the Jeep so we could experience a little AC.  Oh yes we only have 15 amp power at our RV site so AC will only work if you hold your mouth right.  So we are using about 5 fans to keep the rig cool.

On the way home we took the back road.  Apparently there is a crocodile down here somewhere in the swamp beside the road.  We didn't see him.

Beautiful evening tonight so I went up to the palapa which looks out on the ocean.  The waves were crashing on the rocks and there were a lot of weird sounds coming from the forest beside me. One of the RV sites has a palm tree all lit up on their deck.  So peaceful!!  Can you see the ocean in the darkness?  If not, just shut your eyes and you will hear it!!  Goodnight


  1. You are in Mexico and we are in Texas... shouldn't it be the other way around??!

  2. Great title. It really is about the simple things in life and enjoying each day for what it brings. I think you guys have that down pat. Enjoy!

  3. What an amazing time you folks are having. I'm happy to see you settling in and enjoying the area. I look forward to reading about your adventures.
    Like you, I feel sometimes the price you pay is a direct reflection of many things, not just the bottom line on the expense sheet. There is something to be said for less stress, comfort and safety. Enjoy the pool!!!

  4. Thanks. We like to use the smilemometer to make a final opinion.


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