Wednesday 6 November 2019

Shopping Day for the Girls

Today the girls (Pat & Sue) decided to drive into Puerta Vallarta to do some shopping.  It is a little over and hour from here to the Costco there down some mountain roads.  It is only about 60 kilometers but is a slower road because if you get behind a slow truck or something, you are stuck there because there are not many places for a cautious Canadian to pass.  The Mexican use the 6 car length rule kinda like us except they use it to judge if it is safe to pass.  If there are 6 car lengths between them and the oncoming traffic then they go for it.   Also there is the rule of "out of sight out of mind" which means if you can't see around the curve ahead, go ahead and pass!!!  Scary to watch them.   Anyhow the girls hadn't been gone 10 minutes and Harold and I headed over to Cecies for breakfast.  Nice egg wraps with some fruit.  Harold had what they call a Canadian breakfast which is good old bacon and eggs.

After that big late breakfast there was only one thing to do.  Yup thats right, toes up for a relax.  Remember the girls are gone!!!  Shhhh!

I wandered down to Steve and Julies to have a look at Steve's kitchen center project.   He is getting it all painted up but is finding that the dry wood is soaking up the paint way more than he expected.  What he thought was enough paint only did half of the kitchen.

So he invited me along to go in search of more paint.  We had fun going up and down some little streets while looking for stores that sell paint.  We checked lots of la ferreteria (hardware stores) and finally found one that could order what he needed in and it will be here Friday.  Now he didn't specify which Friday but we hope it is the one coming.

By the time we got back and had a little dip in the pool, the girls arrived back from their adventure.  They didn't purchase much really but did get a few things to help us along.  Another fan, which is a must and a boogie board for our beach days and a beach chair.  Right now it is way too hot to sit on the beach, but they assure us that will change in mid November.  

Sue was done in by supper time so she didn't join me at Taco Tuesday.  We are already being introduced to the schedule of the park and for the most part we will certainly participate, but I don't want to be bound by that schedule at any time.  I think we will enjoy most of it and who knows, maybe we will turn into RV Park people.  I do enjoy the people and that will be the highlight of our time here I'm sure.  The Taco's were great and at 25 pesos each what a deal.  With that you got all the toppings, papa, and ensalida.   They even cook them on a vendor cart.

Well that was our day and for now Charlie and I will just relax and listen to the sounds!!  There are so many here with all the different birds and the iguanas and the rustling of the palm trees.  Goodnight!


  1. Lol... I know you are quite happy. But I have to point out that 25 peso tacos are NOT a deal. Well, they are for the guy selling them. Tacos are normally priced anywhere from 8 to 20 pesos each depending on a bunch of variables. Shrimp tacos would typically be at the higher end of the scale.

  2. Although you are right in that you can get them cheaper, Taco Tuesday is actually a fundraiser to send some of the local boys to college. I will do a post later to fill everyone in on the project, so for that reason I will gladly buy a price inflated Taco. LOL!! Besides that they were really good!!

    1. Okay, well that's better then. Thanks for the explanation!


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