Saturday 16 November 2019

Building Things

WHERE ARE WE?          La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

NEXT DESTINATION?    We are here for a while

One of the problems we have in our spot in La Penita is the strength of our cell phone signal in the particular spot we are in.  It is good in the morning but by evening it dwindles to the point where streaming is no longer possible.  Now remember that our only source of TV on the road is from the internet.  We do not have satellite TV because we were too cheap to pay for it.   So a few days ago I tried to reposition our cell signal booster from the front to the back of the Ponderosa in an effort to get a better signal.  The frustrating thing is that the cell tower is only about a half mile from us but there is some jungle between us.  We thought that changing the antenna position may catch some signal coming through a hole in the trees.  Nope!!  We have discovered that we get a good enough signal in the night to download the shows we want to watch the next day so we set up to do that now. A bit of a pain but it works.

Pat and Harold use the same type of system for their internet as well so in hopes of a miracle they decided to put up a mast for their antenna as well.  They went to a little more work to make it look nice rather than the palm branch that I used for mine.  Good job guys, but they got the same results that we had.  Nothing!!  Who needs TV anyway???

One interesting thing that I have been watching back home is the new hotel that is coming to Rivers.  Rivers has not had a hotel for probably 15 years when the old one burned down and with all of the events like The 2020 MB Scotties, Provincial Baseball and Hockey and the need for accommodations for people visiting the Hip and Knee Surgery recovery unit there, it was clear that there was a need for a hotel.  So some investors decided to try a modular hotel.  It will be no different than an ordinary hotel except for the fact that it will be built in modules in a factory and then shipped and put together on site like lego bricks.  Here is the process so far.  First step was the construction of all of the units in the factory.

Then they lined them all up in a holding yard waiting their turn to be craned into place.

Then last Thursday the crane showed up and the stacking began.  It would be every kids dream to build something like this out of lego blocks.  By Friday afternoon all of the modules were in place and the finishing can start.

I'm not sure how many modules there are but it is a 30 room hotel and each module has 2 rooms and a hallway plus all of the common areas etc.  Probably 25 modules total to lift in place.

It is great to have this project this far underway so quickly, because the day we left home they were still digging in the ground trying to install sewer pipes.  It has come a long way quickly and I was told that it should be finished in early January.  Here is what is going to look like when completed.

Harold and I were at the plumbing store today and in good old Mexican fashion there were some colourful toilets there.  I wish us Canadians could catch on to some colour in our lives.  When I first saw the toilets I though maybe they were for someone with a wide bottom, but soon realized the sinks were piled on top of the toilets.  Hope you have a wonderful day!!


  1. Haha... wide bottom, I like that. Perhaps they have a colourful toilet for your Ponderosa. Hmmm....I think you would pick a bright lime green or maybe a hot fire engine red.
    Love the hotel, an inviting looking place.
    You could try moving the antenna to a different location (away from the jungle) and just running a cable back to the rig. Perhaps you and Harold could even share the antenna with a split cable. You guys are smart, you could figure something out. Enjoy!!

  2. We are also to cheap to pay for satellite so we download everything we watch ... which has worked out great, we never miss a show we want to watch and no commercials. That new hotel in Rivers is pretty cool!

  3. When I was a young construction worker ( long, long ago ), I worked on a prefab Hotel in Parowan, Utah. It really went up fast! Good to see they are still using that system! Doug and Michelle

  4. We had a navy toilet in our master bath.


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