Thursday 14 November 2019

A Walk through the Town

WHERE ARE WE?          La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

NEXT DESTINATION?    We are here for a while

We decided to take a walk downtown La Penita today.  The market was on and we just wanted a change of scenery.  Sue has never been out the back gate of the RV Park which puts you right on a La Penita street.  I know it looks like we are coming out from and underground tunnel but there is actually a hill right behind the gate that you have to descend or climb bases on whether you are coming or going.

Just outside the back gate is a cemetery, but unlike the one I had pictures of in an earlier post, this one is a little run down.  Actually the ocean is eroding the far side of it quite badly.

The north end of La Penita seems to be a little more of the older and maybe less well off people.  The one house seems to have lost its upper railing.  I often wonder what these houses were like 50 years ago because it seems like some were built quite elaborate but have since fallen into a state of disrepair.

As we got further downtown we started seeing shops and restaurants and more stuff for sale.

After our little shop wandering tour, we stopped for a bite of lunch.  It was really good and the break prepared us for the walk back.  It is about a 2 mile walk there and back.

We decided to take the beach back to the park.  There were still some fishing boats unloading some sort of fish into a refrigerator truck.

Our only purchase today was made after we got back to the park.  Jolynn had bought too many mats for what she needed so she sold us one to use in the front of the Ponderosa.  I think it will work well.

I did a couple chores in the afternoon like straightening our cell antenna and putting up the flag on a pole.  Hope you had a great day as well.


  1. How is it to communicate there if you did not speak the language?

    1. That is the fun part. We are trying hard to learn the basics of Spanish and for the most part can communicate the simple things. Knowing numbers and basic things on a menu are a good start. And a Spanish greeting with a big smile goes a long way. We have been able to muddle through most situations so far.

  2. Fun walk, glad you folks all enjoyed it. I would wonder how safe that house is with parts falling.

  3. I think the main structure is fairly safe. Mexicans make awesome concrete!! Just lacking a little on the engineering of how the railing should attach to the wall. But if you think of it, that house is maybe 150 years old, so thats not bad either.


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