Monday 11 November 2019

A Couple Things to Remember

Today was Remembrance Day for us.  Although there is nothing going on in Mexico for the day, we still took a little time to remember the sacrifice our soldiers made a long time ago so that we can have the freedoms we have today.  One of things we need to do in future is make sure we buy a poppy before we leave Canada so we can wear it with pride anywhere we are.

The other thing we needed to remember was that it was Julies Birthday!!  Julie is P & H's youngest daughter and a great young lady.  Happy Birthday Julie!!  Here's her and her Dad last year in Florida.

Steve has been offering to take me for a walk into town down to the local coffee shop.  This shop sells coffee by the cup but also roasts and grinds beans.  So we headed out about 8 oclock out through the back gate and down a little old street.  I love doing that because you never know what you will see along the way.  First thing we saw was some chickens and roosters sorting through the grass and leaves.

And further down there was a big scurry in the grass and a big green Iguana climbed up on the fence beside us.  They have some pretty ones down here.

The back streets are narrow and made of rocks so we had to take our time walking along.  I don't think there are many liability law suits down here because nobody seems to be very concerned about all of the hazards just laying around.   A little farther down the road was a horse just tied to a tree waiting for his rider to do whatever he was doing.

We finally got to the Coffee Shop and sat down for a quick one.  I am looking for somewhere to buy good coffee so that is why we decided to try it first.   They sure do make it strong here.   After we got our coffee, the lady came out and set a piece of the bestest Carrot Cake in front of us.  I guess you get a tasty treat with your coffee.  Yes, yes, Kevin, the price reflected the cost of the carrot cake which was inflated, but it was sure good LOL.

 The big coffee grinders were going the whole time we were there so they must sell a lot of coffee.  I'm not convinced I really liked the taste of it though.  I would like to have some only not as strong.

We walked downtown and got some things that we needed and then headed home via the beach.  The fishing boats were all up on the shore and cleaned up ready for the next day by now.  I will have to get up early if I want to see the fish come in.

When we got home we were summoned to the pool for the morning pool volleyball.  Here we go getting into a schedule routine but it is great fun playing for an hour or so with this bunch. 

And the rest of the day was just relaxing in the shade.  The girls went down to Bucerias to shop at the Mega Store so H & I just did our own things.  We helped Steve with his satellite for a while and then sat and visited.
My favourite photo today was of the tracks in the sand.  It reminded me of the little verse, do you remember it??  Have a great day!!


  1. Mmmm carrot cake, my tummy is grumbling :-)

  2. They may sell their coffee strong but you don't have to make it that way, just don't put as much into the pot. Since everyone else is asking you might send some carrot cake our way as well.
    Like that picture in the Sand.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I'm going to try a few and buy the best one. Sorry Carrot cake is all gone!!

  3. It is hard to beat Mexican coffee and you can make it just the strength you like. Over our many winters in Mexico we went through many pounds of it and always bought extra to take home for the summer. Our favorite was from the Veracruz area but it was all good. Enjoy yourself down there and PLEASE get out and mic with the Mexican people. You will love them. The town squares are specially fun at night when families are out walking and meeting friends. Don't be afraid of trying street food, Mexican cleanliness standards are very high and the tacos are delicious as are the seafood cocktails! Do yourself a favour and try the pulpo (octopus) coctel. You are going to love Mexico but remember there is much more to the country than where the gringos hang out. Explore!

    1. We will be doing lots of local exploring soon. First we have to get used to the really warm weather although they assure us it will cool down soon.


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