Saturday 30 November 2019

A Walk to Town

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

Kinda spent the day doing nothing.  Changed out my grey water hose to a longer one so I can now dump grey water anytime I want..(in the sewer of course!!  What were you thinking?)  I bet your glad I shared that with you.

It was about 27C but the humidity was high again today, but I wanted some fruit and veggies so I walked into town on the beach.  It is about a mile one way to the Malecon and thats where I get on the Avenida which is the main drag in town.  Want a quick Spanish lesson??  The V in Avenida is pronounced B, the E is Eh, the I is Ee and the A is Ahh. and the D is pronounced like a soft TH.  To the untrained ear th still sounds like a D because of the way their tongue rolls.  Now say it again  Abeneedah.  (How did I do Dave)??  You are now practically fluent in Spanish!!!

One of the boats on the beach had the same name as a cute little girl who is the grandchild of the RV park owner.  Her name is Marisol which is a very pretty name and has the Latin meaning of "sea and sun".  The Marisol we know certainly fits the definition because she spends lots of time in the pool!!  We call her the Mermaid!!  I thought it was great to see a boat with the same name.

When I got down town there wasn't much action because it was ciesta time.  Lots of the shops pull down the garage doors and take a break in the middle of the afternoon.  The sign says, closed thank you for your patience!!

The local fish shop was open and a few locals were having quite a conversation and then someone threw a bunch of fish in a bucket and an old jalopy just randomly showed up and the fish went in the back seat and the guy climbed in beside it and away it went.  I love how they operate here.  Fish to go obviously!!  

There were a couple vendors out and about but not many.  This guy wasn't selling a whole lot with the lack of people.

This little dog was giving a cat the what for.  The cat just kept looking at him like "what are you doing?  Get lost!!"  Lol   I didn't stick around to see who won but I'm thinking one swipe across the nose and there would be some yipping going on.

I didn't tell Sue but I stopped for a little snack.  I'm not sure what they were called but one had carne and they were sure good.  I love the little corner vendors.  After this wee snack, I snagged an awesome donut too.  No picture.

Pat wanted me to take a better picture of the theater curtains so here it is.  This will be a test to see how long it is until she reads my blog to see it. lol

We had a great relaxing day around here and enjoyed it immensely.  Hope your day was great too.


  1. I love it! The lights look so pretty on our cabana curtains. buen trabajo mi amigo!

  2. The new pictures shows the curtains off a lot better ... good job on listening to Pat :-)

  3. That curtain is so pretty with the lights twinkling behind it. Nice pictures of the walk. You are certainly enjoying a laid back life down there...sounds great.

  4. Very nice, great job. On the curtain, not the grey water situation.
    Looks like you are enjoying your time there and learning a bit as well. I think I'll wait for you to tell me the translation in person. All that explanation made my head hurt. hahaha. Keep on having fun.


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