Sunday 1 December 2019

Introduction to Washer Toss

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

We got introduced to a new RV park game today!!  Washer toss.  It is apparently much the same as corn hole but played with big washers.  They had a sign up sheet at the office and it was full and flowing over so I guess it is a popular activity in the park.  It takes a little skill to figure out how to throw the washer so it slides and falls in the correct hole.  You can tell that some people have played it lots in the past.   They have three lanes set up and you play with a partner at the opposite end.

They play a tournament with an A and B side so you are guaranteed 2 games.  You can lose your first game but after that you have to keep winning.  Joel and Louise did a good job keeping the draw all figured out and announcing the games.

Some people had to keep score on little scoreboards that have been made, and in order to win you have to get exactly 21 points.  That makes it a little more interesting.  They use cloths pins for the markers!

My partner Judith and hubby Leonard.

Lisa keeping score
Some of our favourite people showing us how its done!!  My partner was Judith and I never even got a picture of her throwing.  We made a good team and were close but like the saying goes, "close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades!!"

And there are other important parts of the game as well.  Remember I said only 1 loss and then you are out!!  Well your not really out, you just get banished to the bar!!! Right Brian?  The bar is open every Sunday night for hamburger night.  We didn't go this Sunday because we cooked a roast of

They have music on Sunday nights as well and lots of dancing going on in the evening.  There are a couple of people who do the DJ duties.

We had a little supper on the deck tonight.  It was nice because it was a sit down supper of roast beast with veggies and salad.  I liked the jungle setting in the background!!  We even had a poinsettia for a centerpiece!!  This is where we live folks!

Harold was a little impatient but you can't blame him.  We all work hard around here and need our nourishment!!   Everyone felt better after we filled our wee tummies.

And our friend Pequeno Jose showed up last night.  He had a sign made up and brought a friend with him.  Rosie the Reindeer will be here to help him this season I think.  Apparently Rosie is a second cousin to Rudolph on his mothers side.  We had a great day.  Hope you did too.


  1. Another fun day in paradise! Love the sign :-)

  2. When you left the sentence hanging about what kind of roast you had, I thought maybe it was in the photo beneath but couldn't find anything. Haha.
    Looks like a fun day!! Glad you folks are enjoying yourselves.

  3. Woah, they really take their washer toss seriously down there! Of course I have never played it without a beer in my hand!


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