Sunday 8 December 2019

A Poker Walk

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

Harold and I have an ongoing joke when we ask each other every morning if anyone has checked the forecast!!  We can not believe that the weather can be so consistent!!  I'm not bragging (well maybe a wee bit) and I am certainly not complaining.

Today was something a little different in the park.  It was Poker Walk Day.  The idea of this poker walk is not about the exercise nor is it about raising money, but rather it is organized to get people to together to socialize and get to know other people in the park.  It starts out at about 10 am with a few mimosas and then you go to a persons RV spot where you draw your first card and hang out for about a half hour and chat.  Then on to another RV spot for a half hour and so on until at 3 pm we all go to the pool area to draw our last card.  Due to the fact that we have been in the park so long , we have had the opportunity to meet people slowly as they arrive in the park, but I have to admit I met quite a few that have slipped in lately un noticed by me.  Our observations are that everyone we meet is happy to be here and that makes such a difference.  

There is Harold up drawing a card at the palapa.  Hope he gets a good hand.

After it was all over the officials had to sort through all the hands to find the winners.  There were actually two groups of winners with each RV spot allowed to buy 2 hands, so lots of chances to win.

What do you think of our chances?

Before the prize announcements, we had to play washer toss!!  We have lots of fun at this game!!  You can even be a spectator from the pool!!

I guess it must be pick on Harold day because here he is again throwing at washer toss!  What and athlete!!

There was a little lovey bickering with Julie throwing some comments at her husband Steve about his washer delivery.  I caught this picture as he walks away.  Bet you can imagine what he was mouthing to her!!  But he did give her the wink as well!!!  They are a fun couple to hang with.

After washer toss, (which we didn't win) and I forgot to mention that Julie was my partner, it was time for hamburger night.  Here are some of the crew for tonight's event.

Jolynn our Happy Bartender!!
Pat the Ticket Taker
Sue the BBQ Master

Kenya the Pastry Chef
There was a good crowd for supper.  The park is almost full of snowbirds now.  But apparently it doubles in size when the Mexicans start coming for the Christmas holidays!!  It will be an interesting time I'm sure because they know how to have a good time!!

After supper was the Poker Walk winner announcements.  Wow!! We did rather good. 

We won a pair of lawn chairs which will work good for when we have guests to our place, and some sort of a peacock that lights up.  It will be a cherished addition to our home!!

Well the party went on until way after my bedtime, but Sue said she managed to shut it down.  She has not awoke yet to give a report however I imagine by the stumbling and fumbling when she came to bed, it was a good time!!! 
Jose and Rosie were overheard in the bathroom saying "Is it safe to look?  Is Montezuma gone yet?   And yes I do feel much better.  Hope you had a good day!


  1. Once again another entertaining day! Congrats on the double win and glad you are feeling better :-)

  2. Congrats on the double win!!! Looks like a good time. Glad you are enjoying yourselves.

  3. A double win...congratulations! The peacock is really cute and nice to have extra chairs. Sounds like a fun time.


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