Monday 30 December 2019

Miss Julies last day with us!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

It's nice to have Miss Julie around to keep life interesting.  Today she wanted to start our day our right with mimosa's all around.  She is down to one day left here in paradise before she gets on the sad plane and heads back to winter and school.  Planes from PV fly right over us here and we laughingly comment that the south bound ones flying into PV are the happy planes, and the northbound ones flying out of PV back to the land of snow are the sad planes!!!

Thanks for sharing with us.  It was a nice start to the day!!

I happened to be at Cecies this morning and spotted Scott eating breakfast off by himself.  He was sitting in the Dog House!!!  His wife was sick and he didn't want to spread the germs to anyone so he and his dog sat there and had breakfast!  I sort of caught him with his eyes closed.  Sorry Scott.

We walked down town about 5:30 to go out with Miss Julie for her last supper here.   She requested La Brezes again and we had no problem with that.  There is such a nice breeze blowing through the second story restaurant and the sound of the waves crashing is awesome.

The Malecon below us
I certainly enjoyed my supper which was pork chop.  The only thing they don't give you is a potato of any sort.  I sure miss my potatoes.  

Everyone else had burrito's or taco's which are delicious.  The lesson is that when in Mexico, eat Mexican food, not pork chops.

A little walk up town after supper where there was lots of action.  It surprised me that there were this many people on a Monday night.

I love all the street vendors and Sue and I said we are going to come downtown one night and just eat from the street vendors.  It smells so good in the streets.

H and I watched the store keepers playing a game of Crazy Eights while the girls shopped for shoes.  They eventually put down the cards and went to help customers.

A quick stop by the ice cream shop where we saw a new thing.  They take the little half pint containers of strawberries and rip open the top and put 2 nice dollops of ice cream on top.  We may have to steal this one for CJ's!!

Its about a mile walk down through the back part of town to home.  We never once felt unsafe and everyone we went by was very friendly.  As long as you are minding your own business you are treated with respect anywhere you go.  That was our day.  How was yours?  

Harold was walking so fast he was a blurr!!!


  1. Ours was a shopping, eating out day so mostly inside. Because of the cool tempertures here, which you know nothing about. Loving your weather!
    I agree, eat Mexican rather than pork chop!!

  2. When in Rome.
    Wish we were having your temperatures.
    Sending the entire family a New Years wish of Health and Happiness.

    It's about time.

  3. No better way to start the day then mimosa's!

  4. You guys know how to start the day right!

  5. A week is never long enough. Happy New Year

  6. Sounds like another warm and wonderful day.
    Happy New Year!


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