Wednesday 4 December 2019

A Marriage Discussion

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

If you remember back a couple of weeks there was a motorhome fire in the park.  I am glad to report that all seems to be ok after this tragedy however the paperwork and cleanup afterwards sometimes drags out while the insurance companies decide what to do.  This has been the case for Andreas and Deb who flew down here to get everything in order for Debs mom, who was staying in the MH when the fire occurred.  It was nice to have them back in the park because they were one of the first people we met in our Mexican travels.  One of the problems was trying to get someone to clean up the remains.  There was a couple guys in there the other day and they took down the shell and loaded it all up and hauled it away.  This is all that is left now.   Still lots of work to do because there are no tires on it and the wheels are not in great shape.

About all that happened yesterday was a quick trip to town.  Bought some fruit and vegetables and home I came.  I caught a picture of this Mexican dog offering up a wee snack to her youngins.  Dinner on the run I guess.

There are some awesome ocean views here and some people pay lots of money to either rent or own a house way up on the rock ledge at the front of the park.  I can't imagine what you would pay for something like this house.

Or if you are not that well off financially you could learn to just climb a tree and have a look around.  This guy was up trimming this palm tree.  He had one rope for a safety harness and another rope which he put his foot through to provide a solid place for him to stand.  He was wearing sandals as well!!  What do you think Elaine?  Could we come up with a couple safety policies out of this one!!

He was waving for the camera
Well that was pretty much our day.  We managed to work in a couple swims, Sue did some pool exercise class and then went to a paint class start up.  I think she will enjoy that one.

Pequeno Jose had a little fun last night again.  I think he likes having Rosie as his side kick.  I overheard them talking about maybe they should be getting married!!  Jose suggested running off and getting married but Rosie said she wants a big wedding so they CANTELOPE!!  I know my humor is kinda sick!!  Hope your day was as good as ours!!

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