Sunday, 22 December 2019

A Stroll through the Town

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

Today we went for a little walk up town with Steve and Julie.  Didn't really have much to go for other than some coffee so it was truly just a leisurely stroll.  We toured some of the back streets just because we could.  It was a bit of a warm day and it took everything I had to keep walking.  Here is a guy all dressed up for something?

And another guy on horseback just riding around.  The clippity clop of the horseshoes on the cobblestone streets echoes all the way up the street.  It is the neatest sound.

I am amazed at the butcher shops along the way.  All of this meat just hanging waiting to get cut up.  Really and honestly there is no better way to make meat tender than to hang it in a warm place providing you dont mind a few fly larva here and there.  The BBQ fixes all of that up anyway!!They do have good tasting beef down here.

And farther down the road is the bull ring.  They tell me it is still active but I'm not sure if I could handle seeing a bull fight.  I guess if the opportunity arises I might go just to say I have been to one. 

We headed back up the Malecon and the photographer stopped for a shot of the island.  

Lunch at Las Brisas restaurant overlooking the ocean.  It is a great place for lunch because the breeze blows through and the food and drinks are great.  Today was great because we had good company as well.  We are finding that there are so many good people around.  Pat and Harold were out with another neat couple, Gary and Gerry on an outing to Rincon De Guayabitos today as well.

We got back in time for a quick nap and then it was off to washer toss.  Oh the schedule of our lives!!!!   It was fun and we stuck around for the bar and entertainment later on after Hamburger night.  Cecie runs the restaurant here and has a full staff on for hamburger night.  After it was done tonight they all hit the dance floor to show off a couple Mexican line dance style dances.  They are all so full of energy and fun.  We enjoyed just watching them!!

Kenya's uncle, Kenya, Tony, Lapita, and Andreas shaking their booty!!!
Jeff and Lisa delivered a nice Christmas package yesterday and left it on our table.  These little acts of kindness sure go a long way to showing what people are made of around here.  This is definitely a people park!!  Thanks guys!

I managed to get a nice reflection picture to top off tonight's post.  Judy and her crew have worked so hard to make this all so pretty!!  Hope you have some pretty stuff in your life at this time of year too!!

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