Thursday 5 December 2019

The Ginger Bread House project

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

Today was market day so I headed down to see what I could find.  We needed break, sausage and fish so those were the important things.  Out the back gate of the RV park is an old cemetery.   Apparently it was for the fishing families way back when and one of the problems is that the ocean has eroded the edge of it.  Lots of the graves were relocated when the erosion first started but it seems like some of the graves are still here. Maybe there are no ancestors to move them of look after them.

One of the graves I saw that has not yet been eroded, looked like someone had purposely broke the cement lid and took the bodies out.  The wooden caskets are still in there and there is quite a hole left.  I have observed some people who seem to live at the cemetery and there was evidence that someone sleeps near this grave because there is a blanket in the shelter that covers these graves.  Not sure I could get a good nights sleep there!!

Ok enough of that stuff.  Here are some of the things I saw on the beach on my way downtown.

I grabbed a quick snack at one of the taco places in the market and sat down and enjoyed it before heading back to the RV park.

I spotted this neat tree in the park on my way home.  It is amazing how the root system has spread out.

You can buy so many thing right here in the park.  If you want it someone will be pedalling it.  This guy is the water/plant guy.  You can buy or rent plants from him to spruce up your site.  He even comes back and weeds and prunes it for you.

Yesterday I showed some pictures of the guys cleaning up the burned motorhome.  Well here they are again doing some more.  Talk about hard work.  Lots of it is hammer and chisel and maybe the electric grinder.  No cutting torches and no lifting equipment.  It is all done by hand.

There are actually quite a few sidewalk supervisors here but we keep our ideas to ourselves.

Sue did an awesome job of frying up the shrimp and fish for supper.  She had the shrimp and I had the fish and was it ever good.

After supper a Hallmark Christmas movie to get us in the mood for the festive season.  This movie was filmed in North Bay Ontario where Sues family is from.  Pretty sappy movie but oh well it filled the time slot in.  

Pequino Jose and Rosie Reindeer were up to their shenanigans again last night.  They thought that building a Ginger Bread House just in Thyme for Christmas was important so that is what they did.  They say thanks Nicole for the idea!!   We had another good day and we hope you did too!


  1. I noticed Gilligan and the Skipper on that island!!!
    Spooky photos of the empty cemetery boxes.
    I think the tacos looked pretty good! I love that you can rent plants, that is funny.

  2. Okay that cemetery was just creepy!

  3. Sad that people are sleeping in that cemetery. I agree it looks creepy.
    Tom says your elf looks a little "devilish". I am just guessing, but I think him and Rosie the reindeer will be up to a lot of las travesuras!

  4. Interesting about the graves. Awful to think someone may sleep there. Looks life moves at a slower pace there.


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