Friday 20 December 2019

And the Winner is Happy Jack!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

We started on the rebuilding of the pool solar system today.  Len, Glen, Harold, and I have figured out a plan to make the system better.  Glen has had experience with bigger pools so knows some of the stuff that we need to do.  One of the things is to move more water so we changed out one of the pipes today.  We will do more work manana!!!

Pat was at home busy making a snowflake.   It is made out of clothes hangers and sort of matches our colour scheme on the Ponderosa.

Later in the afternoon we attended a Christmas presentation for the employees of the park.  Lots of these guys have been here for a long time.  They pass the hat around the park to give them something to help with Christmas.  They make less per day than we make in Canada in an hour so everything extra is appreciated.

After the presentation it was time for Beer Can races!!   Remember back a while ago I talked about not wanting to fall in a routine, well I kinda have. Lol  The same people show up for the races every Friday and most sit in the same spot.  I just pick a spot at the end and bet on Beer cans 3 & 5 and hope that one of them wins. 

My winning beer can.....Pacifico!!!  also known as Happy Jack!!!
I have not been having much luck winning for the last couple weeks and once again it is Steve and Harold laughing at me!! lol

I finally got Judith (the dice roller lady) to be kind to me and I won the last race of the day.  It is a daily double and you can bet more money on it so I won 66 pesos!!!! Thats like 5 bucks!! Our friend Ann had a little bit to do with making sure that Can 5 did well for me.

Happy Jack motoring right along to a win!!

One of my pet peeves around our house is when I use a knife to butter something in the morning and set it by the sink, it is gone into the sink by the time I am going to use it again.  Very frustrating for someone like me that only washes their coffee cup once every 2 weeks!!!  Aside from that agrivation, I had a fun day.  Hope you did too!!


  1. Steve can't laugh too loud, he only one one round as well! Lol

  2. Congrats to Happy Jack! So, really you didn't have much to do with the win? :D
    A butter knife on the edge..........yes, exactly like your last picture.
    Continue to have fun times there! Routine or not, doesn't matter.

  3. Winner, winner.... did you share the wealth?
    Love the snowflake Sue, very creative.
    I wonder if you the pool fix will get finished quickly or if manana will be delayed? Hahaha... keep having fun.

  4. I love the snowflake! And your knife would last long in our house either :-)


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