Friday, 27 December 2019

A Birthday!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

Today is our friend Julie's Birthday.  Not Miss Julie, but Mrs. Julie!!  Today she turns just a little over 39!  Her wish was to spend some time on the beach and a whole bunch of friends showed up to make sure she didn't get any nap time there.  We had so much fun playing in the water and chatting on the beach.   Its almost impossible to have a bad beach day.

Well today Sue was the person that we all got to laugh at.  When you come out of the water there is a ledge of soft sand that is about a foot and a half deep and if you get hit by a wave just before you climb up it, you have no where to go except fall down.  And then the wave goes back out and you roll back over the ledge and your arms and legs go everywhere.  We laughed and laughed but I'm not allowed to show the pictures.

After the beach all afternoon we got showered and headed over to Steve and Julies for Happy Hour.  We had about and hour to kill before we had to head out for supper.  Julie made up some Strawberry Margarita's for everyone.  In our old boondocking days, and invitation to Happy Hour meant just that, an invitation to visit, but the unwritten rule was, bring your own drink!!!  Well not at Julies house.  Her and Steve love to entertain and part of that is either cooking something for everyone, or making neat drinks.  But I did listen real hard and I didn't hear one person complain!!! Thanks guys.

About 6:30 we called 3 cabs to come get us and take us to Avanti Trattoria café for a birthday supper. (cena de cumpleanos).

This restaurant is way on the south side of town in a more residential area and the roads to it are bumpy and humpy.  Lots of weaving around potholes and bicycles and dogs.  But a great spot on the street for all of us.  Tonight the special was prime rib and WOW!!  Here is proof it was good!! My mom was not here so I didn't have to eat my vegetables!!!

Some others had lamb and lasagna and shrimp stuff which was all good too.  If you are around La Penita and want a good meal try these guys out.  

Just a great evening spent with some old and new friends.  This is what we like so much about this RV park is the friendships we are forming.

And at the end of the supper they brought out a piece of birthday cake and a tequila shot for Julie.  Everyone sang for her.  We all had a great time and went home with smiles on our faces.  Happy Birthday Julie!!!

I couldn't resist this picture for my friend Patsy who writes the blog Chillin' with Patsy.  She loves to do puzzles and I found her a way to do one real quick if she doesn't have time to finish it!!  Hope your day was awesome everyone!!


  1. Thanks for the Post Most About Me!! I had one of the best birth days I have ever had, thanks to wonderful new, and now lifelong, friends like you! All of you!❤
    Ps..the prime rib came a close 2nd😉😉

  2. Hello. I just found your blog thru other blogs I follow. The quick way you showed Patsy on how to finish a puzzle was very very clever. I couldn't stop laughing. Happy New Year!

  3. Looks like a great time and lots of laughs. Love Patsy's puzzle!

  4. Happy Birthday, Julie! Looks like no better celebration could be had!
    The margaritas sound great and the food too!
    Thank you for the shout out on your post and the quick way to finish a puzzle! :)

  5. Pretty cute way to finish the puzzle.
    Looks like you folks are truly enjoying your time there. Keep on having fun.


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