Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Took a Pretty Lady for Lunch

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

Susan and I decided to walk to town for a few things and have a lunch date.  We trudged down the beach and enjoyed the waves breaking and crashing.  They were huge today!!  We had a couple stops to sit on the rocks and enjoy life.

There is a little restaurant on the beach called....hmmmm can't remember, but it has the second floor outdoor eating area overlooking the beach.  Sue and I stopped there for lunch before continuing our shopping trip.

My son commented on this picture that Dad doesn't look pleased!!!  I was deep in though.

We ordered shrimp and fish tacos for lunch.  It was an awesome meal with a view that could not be matched.  We are so lucky to be here.  

Now I look pleased!! Lol
There is always a great selection of hot sauce to try.  I tried every one of them!!

After a great lunch we just happened to walk by an ice cream shop and guess what!!  Yup we had to share a blueberry ice cream.

Notice how clean the counters were!!

Lots of different flavours of ice cream and getting one of the ice creams on a stick is popular.  They are like revels but come in every flavour imaginable.  Yuuuuuummmyy!!

Then it was off down the streets to do our shopping and then walk home again!  It is only 35 pesos for a taxi but we need the exercise and the scenery is so interesting.

As we walked down one street we could hear some bahhhh bahhh going on.  Finally we found what it was.  There was a goat in the back of this guys truck parked in his back yard.  Don't know if it was on the way to market, or just where he was living.  Too funny!!

Another great sunset tonight.  Hope your day ended as well as ours.  I know the picture is always the same because this is my favourite spot to sit quietly and watch it.


  1. You must be getting some new menu ideas for the place back in Rivers. I'm sure the ice cream would be popular.

    1. We stock 24 flavours of ice cream all the time. These guys do get creative with their flavours though.

  2. The shrimp tacos look awesome, that is probably all I would eat down there!

  3. What a lovely day for taking a lovely lady to lunch. You have many things to smile about so I'm happy for the look of the second 'pleased' picture.


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