Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Whats Tomorrow's Forcast?

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

The weather just keeps on going forever.  This area is known as one of the most consistent weather spots in the world.  Here's what I mean!  And it just goes on for the foreseeable future.

First thing on the agenda this morning was our Spanish Class.  Shall I share what we learned?  OK OK I hear the cries of you guys saying "We don't want to learn Spanish!!"  Our perro Carlos comes to class and lays quietly under the table.  Enough people are calling him Carlos that he actually responds to that name.

Our resident RV repair man Andre came around and changed out a seal on their toilet today.  He works for the park all day and then does RV repairs on his own after hours.  He said people ask him when he is taking a day off and he said he is gonna take one off for his funeral.  The people in Mexico have a little different attitude towards work than we do.  They work hard when it is time, but they know how to relax when it is time too.

The girls went to a movie in Guayabitos today.  Every Tuesday is English day so today they were showing Frozen.  They were in the pool the other day discussing going and Marisol who is 7 was in there too listening.  Sue saw that and asked her if she would like to come with them?  Of course she did and so the two of them took Marisol with them today.  They saw this old movie projector at the movie theater on display.

After the movie it was Ice Cream time.  Home made ice cream for all.

When they got home it was time for Taco Tuesday again.  The Tacos are excellent and the company is great.  We got to meet Jolynn's mom who is spending the winter in the park.  She has been coming here for a long time and is known as "mom" to most people.

Of course we had to have one of those crepes that tempt us every Tuesday.  Mmmm good!!!

Well Jose was up to no good last night again.  I guess he and Rosie Reindeer thought the 3 Kings needed some help getting across the desert so they decided to pull and push!  I give them E for effort!
We had a great day, hope you did too!


  1. A wonderful day is what I thought reading from the beginning of the post to the end. You all are certainly enjoying your time there.

  2. That looked like some pretty fancy ice cream!

  3. I agree with Maxx above...that is some pretty fancy ice cream.
    How sweet of Sue to take Marisol along.
    Keep on having fun!!

  4. Sounds like everyone is having fun. Great to have monotonous great weather. Even getting Spanish lessons.


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