Monday 9 December 2019

Thats Good Enough!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

Now what I am going to show you in the next few pictures has nothing to do with the pleasantry of the park itself.  I need to give you a tour one day of all of the pretty RV sites that have been set up in the last month.  Some people go to a lot of work to make it feel like home and if we decide to settle down one day, we will do that too.  And we would certainly consider this park to settle in.  But what I will show you is what the norm is in this part of the country for the utilities.  For lights, you just feed in a black and white wire through any hole in the wall that you can find and run it up to a bulb that is hanging from and old screw.  No need for wire connectors or covers on the boxes where a light fixture used to be.  This country still uses the common sense factor, and they all know to keep their fingers out of the electrical stuff, even the kids.  And it works!!  Maybe we have gone way too far in the Great White North with our making rules to keep the stupid ones safe instead of relying on them to learn some common sense after getting zapped a time or two.

And the water stuff is kinda the same.  You just have a couple swing handle valves to adjust the water temperature.  No temperature sensing valves to keep you from burning yourself.  With these ones if you turn the hot water on too far you will be doing the ah ah ah dance really quick in the shower.  A normal person only does that once, maybe twice and you learn to stand way back until you get the temperature set.  And with their system, it is quite easy to find any leaks that occur.  If it is leaking they can always fix it Manana!!!!  Sue always reminds me that I fit in so good down here.  My mottos include "thats good enough" and "in a minute"!

Well enough of the technical stuff for tonight.  I see you ladies nodding off.   Here was my supper tonight!!  Sue spent a little too long at the bar after hamburger night last night so I was on my own for meals today so I went for the lasagna supper at Cecies.  It was really good.

Well Jose has been touring around trying to make friends it seems.  He thinks he found a good one here.   Hope he doesn't stick around!!  He scares me when I get up in the middle of the night!!

We had a good day again.  Hope you did too!!


  1. Jose's friend is a scary one! hahaha.
    The electrical and the plumbing, now that is interesting.

  2. They tell me some RV's are wired and plumbed like that.


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