Friday 13 December 2019

Countdown to Christmas

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

We have been recruited by Christmas.  We have a Mother Christmas in the park and her name is Judy.  Judy is one of those people who make park life interesting.  Her passion is for all things nice and pleasing and she works tirelessly to make everything as pretty as possible.  To accomplish all of this niceness she needs a little help so that is where our recruitment comes in.  Pat and Sue are involved with the planning and crafty part.  Now everyone knows how crafty I am so Judy got H and I to put some wires on what they are using for icicles.  We can handle that job!!  This is what they look like in the end.

When I took our last batch over to Judy today, she gave me a little tour of what they were doing to them.  They have a craft tent set up with all sorts of things in it for crafters.  I think the idea is that if you are working on a craft you can come here rather than make a mess at your site, and you may even find someone else here that you can chat with as you do your project.  For now this is Mrs.Santa's little workshop!!  It is amazing how creative minds work.  Good job!

Not much else happening in our lives today.  We had our Spanish class again this morning and I am figuring out that maybe I will not be fluent in Spanish.  They have a lot of words that with one simple letter change it makes it mean 2 different things.  So a common evening greeting is Buenas Noches which means Good Evening!!  Well apparently I have been pronouncing it Bonus Nachos or something like that, which apparently sounds something like Nice Bum!!  I was wondering why the guys were looking at me funny!!  I think I will just say Buen Dia (Good Day) from now on!!

Steve found some Cheezies in the store a while back and he shared this picture with me.  That bag could last a whole winter I'm sure.  

Well I hope your day went as good as ours did.  Life is good.


  1. Love the last image. Sent it to Dolly. I took a semester of Spanish in HS and flunked it. Interesting way of making icicles.

  2. Haha the last pic was a good one. That craft tent is a great idea and you guys did a good job on the icicles :-)

  3. Love the last ditty. Very cute. Interesting idea for the icicles, very creative, great imagination. Me, I have none. Haha. Love the Spanish lesson, very amusing!! Have fun.

  4. I found duolingo a great way to learn Spanish.

    1. Sue is using the Duolingo and she is way better at Spanish than all of us.

  5. Interesting to see how Christmas is celebrated down there!

  6. Well that last picture is just way to cute and funny.

  7. Nice icicles, Lorne! Can't say the same for the bum. ha ha
    Love the last picture too. :)

  8. Bonus Nachos!!! LOL I might need a couple more Spanish lessons.

  9. What a wonderful way to describe Judy!! I sure hopes she reads your blog.


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