Wednesday 25 December 2019

Feliz Navidad!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

Well we had a real treat today.  Our elf Jose was off to the North Pole last night to give his report to Santa.  Somewhere along the way he managed to hook up with Lewi Logg (Logg stands for Larson, Ottenbreit, Green, and Garries) who is the elf on the shelf for our kids in Alberta.  They decided to swap stories here on the beach in Mexico and take in a bit of sun before retiring until next December.  They even brought Rosie along.  Glad they got to spend an afternoon together.  See you guys next year!!!

Back in Canada all of the grandkids were doing the Christmas thing opening presents and stockings.  We managed to FaceTime all of them and got to see all of their presents, and the floor, and the ceiling, and the phone going round and round until we felt queezy!! lol  But we still love to see them all!

Abby and Silas

Rio, Joey, Donovan and of course Moose!



Max and Grace
 Even Charlie got in on the act.  Sue bought him some treats to put in his stocking so he had fun digging them out.

Miss Julie, P & H's daughter from Manitoba arrived yesterday and is here to take in some sun for a week.  She is a teacher there and needs a little adult time in her life for a week or so, so this is a great place for that.  Maybe a little too many OLD adults for her around here, but she is with family and friends!!  She is a bit of a daddy's girl me thinks!!  We love having her around.

We all went for breakfast at Cecies this Christmas morning for a change.  Normally we would have coffee and cinnamon buns but we are happy to do this instead.  It is time to let go of a few old traditions and be open to some change.  Steve and Julie joined us.

The French toast was to die for and the good old bacon and eggs were just what we get at home.  But the best is the fresh squeezed orange juice and today they topped it off with champagne to make it into mimosa's.

And all of this was served up by our favorite server, Kenia!!  How can you resist that smile!!!

We relaxed for the early after noon because tonight was the big Christmas supper in the park.  About 170 people were showing up to celebrate Christmas.  Turkey and potatoes and carrots and stuffing and everything that goes with it.  It was a great party!!  

We had a table with Pat and Harold and Julie, as well as Barry and Kim, and Doug and Linda.  We had a good time visiting and getting to know one another.

Sue, Julie, Harold, Pat, Barry, Kim, Linda, Doug.

Doug and Linda have been coming here for a long time and today was Doug's 78th Birthday and they were also celebrating a big anniversary. I didn't hear how many years but I bet its a few.

Cecie and her crew were in charge of serving and they did a wonderful job as usual.

Our little friend Oscar was hanging around with the serving crew tonight for a while.  He is Kenia's brother, and Cecies nephew.  He is as cute as a button and just like every other kid in the world he likes to play with the Christmas boxes and packing.  I'm sure in his mind he was on some exotic mission. 

The decorations were great.  They even had a kayak full of presents in the pool.

And the bar was open and the music man had the tunes playing along with a picture show of people from the park at previous events.  There was lots of dancing and visiting until about 10 at night, which is about an hour past midnight for us old folk now!!!

Everyone had a lot of fun and to everyone that pitched in to make it work, GOOD JOB!!  Everyone seemed to have a smile on their face.


Pat and Sue with Renie on Sue's knee.
So that was our Christmas Day in La Penita Mexico.  We enjoyed it a lot here and are starting to feel like a part of the park community.  Hope your Christmas Day was as great as ours.


  1. What a great day you had! I laughed at your description of FaceTime with the grandkids, that is how our visits go, racing all over the house in every direction and by the time we get off the phone we are feeling queezy :-)

  2. So glad you had such an enjoyable Christmas. We miss you both more than words this time of year ❤️

    1. We miss all of you guys too. Sue and I just talked about us flying home for Christmas sometimes in the future. It would be fun to share in all of our kids traditions!!!

  3. A busy day for you folks. Looks and sounds like you all had a great time. I really like Donovan's t-shirt. Made me chuckle. Keep having fun!!!

    1. Donovan is actually pretty good at putting away the games when he is at our house. His auntie bought him the shirt!!


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