Friday 29 November 2019

A Relaxing Massage

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

Today was Spanish class and we really enjoyed it again.  I think this will be a real helpful tool in learning the language enough to communicate what our basic needs are.  It will be helpful also in figuring out what people are saying in a variety of situations.   Spanish will be helpful in a lot of situations for us because we have a lot of Mexican immigrant workers around our area back home and they come to our park for picnics etc.  Also knowing Spanish is very useful in South central and South Western USA.  We don't for a minute believe that we will become fluent, however we are going to do the best we can.

Later in the morning I had a massage booked with the local therapist Rebecca.  I have never had a massage in my life so today was gonna be good.  I was impressed.   Rebecca worked on some really sore areas and was very slow and methodical.  Sue asked if she played soothing music and I said when you have the sound of the ocean crashing on the rocks below you, who needs music.  It is a very soothing venue for massages.  Thanks Rebecca!!  If you are in La Penita, look her up.

The views from up here are spectacular and there is something about the ocean that draws one in, just like a good bonfire.

There was a guy down below throwing a stick for his dog.  It was awesome to watch how the dog would time the waves so he didn't get washed out to sea.

When I got home we decided that the curtain we installed yesterday needed to be moved.  The way it was, P & H's door was outside the curtain and they felt like they were on the outside.  So we got busy and changed it.  It looks so much better now.

I went down to the beer can races again this week but only won one race so I guess I came home a loser!!  When I came home we had supper and then we hung up some Christmas lights on the new curtain.  The girls will get the place looking like Christmas before we know it.

We finished the evening with a movie outside.  It is so pretty sitting outside.  Not a bug to be found and a great big sky above us.  Hope you had a great day.   We did.


  1. What a great life you are having! The massage with the waves in the background sounds awesome and the Spanish classes are a great idea :-)

  2. It's rough being you, massage, ocean views, beer, races, movies. Such torture, how do you manage? Haha

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