Wednesday 20 November 2019

Revolution Day Parade

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

We decided to take in the Revolution day parade in downtown La Penita.  We walked with Pat and Harold down town for the 9 am start.  Although today is not a holiday there is great celebration in the town of the day when Mexico basically reverted from an authoritarian type rule, to a Democracy which is still the form of rule today.  Steve and Julie joined us a little later.  Lots of people lined the main street for the parade.

Revolution day in Mexico is celebrated every year on November 20th.  On this day Mexicans remember and celebrate the Revolution which started in 1910 and lasted for about ten years.  The actual national holiday is on the third Monday of November no matter what date it is.  Apparently some stores have sales on this weekend similar to Black Friday in the USA. (Don't tell the girls!)  The parade was long and it was hot so we didn't stay for the whole thing.  It was neat to see the kids and they were having fun participating.

Along with the kids were some adults as well who obviously feel deeply about the Revolution.  They have King and Queen contests and get to ride in old trucks around town.  And even though the knees and hips are sore, they still march.

There was even a Mexican Train.  There is a game of domino's called Mexican Train.   I wonder if there is any connection.

The kids do a little re-enactment of the Revolution on the street.  The little Revolutionaries line up behind a barrier and shoot all of the people that are opposing them.  They have fake guns but throw poppers on the ground to make the sound of gunshots.  The kids lay in the street as though they were dead.  My gosh if we were to allow our kids to do something like this there would be serious consequences I'm sure.  Down here they celebrate their history be it violent or not because it is their history.  You might ask if that is necessary, but they are teaching their kids that it was a tough battle and it is behind them now but they don't forget that these things got them where they are today.  My God we have a tiff over whether we should wear a poppy or not to honour our fallen warriors.

We had to stop for a cerveza to wet our whistles before continuing on.  They are busy looking out the do and I can hear them saying "Well do think it will rain?"

Then a quick stop at the fish market to pick up a couple fish for supper.  You go to the freezer and pick out what you want and the fish guy cleans them and takes the scales off and washes them up ready to cook.

When we got home our friends Alfonso and Alfredo were in front of our MH washing a taxi.  Hey that sounds like a good time to see if they would give our Jeep a good cleaning.  Sure they said and they got right to work on it.  They do awesome work and seem to have fun doing it.

I hollered back to Susan, "Look we have a couple bums cleaning our van!!"  LOL

They shampooed the carpet and the seats and got it looking like a million dollars.

Thanks guys, great job.
We had a great supper and enjoyed every morsel.   Fish and rice are a good combination.  Not much left on them there bones!!

Well it has been a good day and the forecast seems to be fairly consistent for the next while.  I think we will stick around here.  Hope you had a good day too.


  1. Wow what a great day. Love the costumes. History is history, we have to learn from it or we are destined to repeat it. Some time we need to stop taking everything so personally and just enjoy.
    Love the clean jeep. Think they could come do the Dogsled for me?
    Stay safe.

    1. My guys tell me they could do it for almost free, just like Walmart!!!

  2. The parade looked very interesting, thanks for the pictures and the history ... and yes so true about our poppy fight :-( And the jeep looks great!

    1. Everything in Mexico involves happy colours and the parade was full of colour.

  3. Cool parade, it is always interesting to see how they do things down there compared to the states.

  4. Love the parade costumes. My favourites? The little girls in their Belle dresses and the little boy and girl carrying the flag. His mustache and rifle made me smile.
    Sounds like a great day and I love the temperatures too!


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