Sunday, 20 October 2019

A 4 State day!

WHERE ARE WE?           Santa Rosa New Mexico   

NEXT DESTINATION?    Las Cruces New Mexico

Because we are on a bit of a schedule to meet up with some other people in Ajo on Oct 24th we are putting on the miles each day.  We are well within our time schedule but want to leave a couple days leeway in case of difficulties.  One such difficulty raised its head today with a water temp sensor on P & H's rig.  It is not serious but needs a simple fix so we may be a bit late heading down the road tomorrow.  It sure takes the pressure off if there is extra time available.  Today we were in a total of 4 states.  Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and now New Mexico.  Here was our route today.  We are in Santa Rosa New Mexico tonight.

We slid through the panhandle of Oklahoma this morning.  We have come through a lot of wide open country and trees are not plentiful, so I am here to tell you that Oklahoma does have trees, or at least one.  I almost missed the Oklahoma sign though. It must be a reflection in the window.  Do you see it?

We passed through a little town and there was this sign on the front of what must have been a brothel!!!  Never thought of hookers as being true value but someplaces they must be.

And of course we were reminded that we are still in agricultural country when you see the farmers going downtown for coffee in the combine.  Wife must have borrowed the pickup to go to work!!!

We stopped for a break in an old parking lot and saw this old worn out sign.  Route 66  used to be a big thing back in the day and we were following the old route for a few miles.  This sign could probably tell a lot of stories if it could talk.

On down the road to Santa Rosa where we will hunker down for the night.  I-40 was extremely busy today with trucks.  My goodness it is mind boggling to think of all the stuff going up and down the road.  Someday we must find a safer and more economical way to transport goods from one place to another.  Trains come to mind.  Hmmmm.  

Charlie keeps looking out the window like he is saying "How far is it?  Are we almost there?"

The wind is terrible so we don't need to be driving in it.  We pulled into a gravel parking lot for the night but only stayed there for a few minutes and we got driven out by the dust.

We moved down the road to a truck stop where we will hear trucks all night but won't have to choke on dust.  We have ear plugs for the noise anyway.

Well that was our day.  Here is the view out our window tonight!!  LOL  But no dust!!!!


  1. Looks like you are making good time and moving right along, safe travels and enjoy AJO we always do.

  2. You can't have a gorgeous view everyday, sometimes you have to give it up for the dust :-)


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