Friday, 18 October 2019

A Boring travel day.

First of all I have to apologize for the different fonts and colors today.  I had to do a lot of copy and paste and it really messes up the format.  I don't have the patience to deal with it so just grin and bear it if you could.

We had a good travel day today.  We travelled over 750 kilometers (470 miles) and are in North Platte Nebraska.   We have about 1800 kms to go and 4.5 days to get there.  Thats only 200 kms a day so easy peasy!!!  Here is the route we followed today.

Ok I asked a question yesterday.  Who knows what city in ND is known as the Magic City?  If you said Minot you are correct.  However I bet you don't know why.  Here is what Wikipidia has to say about it.

Minot came into existence in 1886, after the railroad laid track through the area. A tent town sprang up overnight, as if by "magic", thus the city came to be known as the Magic City, and in the next five months, the population increased to over 5,000 residents, further adding to the nickname's validity.

Our drive today was rather boring because South Dakota and Nebraska can be very flat and uneventful.  Here is what we saw most of the day.  Even Charlie was bored.

Just to break the boredom they threw in a little construction.

We did get to see the A & W burger factory.  Apparently these are the Vegetarian processors.  

They take this purely vegetarian diet and turn it into those awesome Angus Burgers that A & W sell!! 

And why is Angus marketed as the best beef?  It shows you the power of marketing.  Have you ever eaten Hereford, Limousine, Maine Anjou, Jersey, Charolais, or any of the other breeds.  Pretty tasty and some of them may even be better than Angus.  The whole thing makes me chuckle.  The taste of beef is more dictated by the feed it gets.  Corn fed and barley fed are two totally different tastes and depending what you are used to, preferences will vary greatly.  We hear that good old Mexican longhorns are not bad either.  We will have to try some.

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A beautiful evening tonight with a view out our window of other snowbirds Wallydocking as they wend their way south.


  1. Great info for people who can't comment, we have followers who say the same thing. Will pass this info along. Safe Travels, hope to see you somewhere this winter.

  2. Sometimes boring is good...:) if it includes dry roads and safe travels. Lots of miles behind you two already. Continued safe travels.

    Thanks for the information, which I did skip, but

  3. to I am going to screen shot and send my family who keep saying they cannot more excuses...:)

    1. Susan noticed that the original information was not all correct so she changed it. Hope you have the latest version.

  4. Lots of people have problems in the Commenting department. I even have a person saying he's blocked from our Blog. Not our doing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your travels.

    It's about time.

  5. I think we would get way more comments if it was easier to do.

  6. I guess boring travel days have to happen every once in a while :-) You did a good job of making boring sound entertaining!


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