Friday, 5 January 2018

A Unique Shower experience

First order of business around our camps is the morning happy hour.  We find that not only are they enjoyable, but also very productive.  This is where the days plans are made and we decide who might be responsible for what.  Today's big plan was a move.  When we pulled in here everyone was sick and we just sort of plunked ourselves down where ever it was handiest.  We decided that we need to spread out a bit so we moved the Ponderosa to the other side of the little courtyard we have here.  It is all of 50 feet from where we were, but it gives us a whole new perspective.

We then made a new fire pit and moved all of our outside furniture to the new spot.  Part of  the reason for the move was that we got word this morning that our friends Pat and Harold (who will be known from now on as P&H) crossed the Canada/US border this morning and are heading south as fast as they can pedal and we will have to make room for them.  They may be here on Monday, but I'm guessing Tuesday will be more like it.

So we had to have a team meeting in our new fire pit area to prepare ourselves for the white skinned Canadians.  We have to make sure they have enough shade to protect their lily white skin against the UV rays until they can lay a base tan without burning.

We think we will have to go back to the beach for a while because Lessie couldn't leave it behind.  She brought a huge pan of shells to sort and classify and to search through for coral.  So that will be our tentative plan for now.  A trip back to the beach when P&H get here.

Right across the way from us is a picnic table and BBQ pit which are quite representative of the state of most of the park.  It is pretty in its own special way.

A bird feeder

A little later Charlie and I took a walk up to the Restroom and shower building to check out the possibilities of a shower this afternoon.  I do my showers in mid day right now because that gives the shower building time to warm up from the chilly evenings.

About 100 feet away is what used to be the campground office.  It is locked up now and only County workers go in there once in a while.  I found out that the reason they go in there is to check the hot water tank.  The pipe from it runs underground 100 feet to the shower next door.

The reason for the above explaination is to show you why there are certain signs on the wall of the shower.

Did you forget anything?  Shampoo, soap, aftershave, cologne???
And believe me it is about that long to actually get hot water.  Once it gets there it is hot and lots of it, but the wait is excruciatingly long.  The shower area is actually tidy enough when you think that no one maintains it.  It is just left up to whoever uses it to clean it and it seems to be working quite well.

And in Spanish in case an illegal immigrant drops by.

I guess you have to encourage it along.
the door doesn't fit the cabinet but it works for shaving
Now I didn't realize until after I had used the shower, but the drainage system is a one of a kind.  Fairly simple and requires very little maintenance.

Hole from the inside because pipe is plugged

And it runs to the outside.  This won't plug
Someone even donated a welcome mat.

There is an exchange area by the showers where you can take thing you want to pass on like books and things.  It is quite obvious we are in Texas where the gun is one thing that everyone has.

Sue found a butterfly today and I got a shot of some kind of Cactus.

Charlie is enjoying our new front yard and Ed made sure that he is comfortable.  Today is warm and he loves that he can be outside again.

Here is the view from our window tonight.

Our Location tonight:  Falcon Heights Texas  Boondocking


  1. That is quite the place. Hmm, I prefer my own shower, but good for you being flexible! I think I'm saying that I am spoiled.
    I'm sure Pat and Harold are anxious to arrive and visa versa! Hope they have good weather!

  2. I agree with Patsy, I do prefer my own shower. Yet having camped for many years when we had to use the facilities available, we have seen some that are more interesting...:) and we paid for those.

  3. Susan agrees with both you and Patsy and will not use public showers. I on the other hand was born and raised on the farm in the middle of the 1900's and have no problem at all with these facilities. I sort of play it like a game to see if I can get in and out without any weird incidents. lol I like the fact that I can stand there and use hot water until the cows come home.

  4. I'm glad to hear the shower is entertaining you Lorne but I'm with Susan and Patsy! And I see your Christmas lights are down, so are ours and I kinda miss them :-(

    1. They say that small things amuse small minds and I have proven that to be so, over and over again. It is rather bare without Christmas.

  5. An adventurous spirit! I did find the drain interesting. I hope your friends have a safe journey!

    1. I kept thinking how poorly this system would work back in Canada at this time of year. Friends are in Oklahoma this morning.


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