Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Its the Sun!!!

This morning we were treated to a sight we have not seen since before Christmas.   The sun!!!  You can see by the picture that the wet has not had time to be consumed by the sun, but its amazing how that orange ball changes a persons whole outlook on life.

I was forced out of the Ponderosa just for a quick stroll although it was quite cool still.  This county park is a great place to be.  It is quiet but yet if you go for a stroll you may encounter some nice people around but you will have to go looking for them.

Ed is still down with the flu so he spent the day in bed and I took the girls and headed to town.  I have to get a few things to start doing some projects around here.  First order of business was some Mexican food for lunch.  This is good Mexican food because in this area there is nothing but native Mexican people.  They are Americans by law but were the people who were here long before the US took over this area.  They try hard to maintain their heritage and I am a huge fan of all things Mexican.

Right next door was a used tire shop.  A long time ago I had to replace one of my jeep tires with my spare because it had a huge cactus spike in the sidewall and could not be repaired.  I had never got around to replacing the spare, so now that we will be doing some back roading, it is time.  I bartered the guy from 45 down to 40 installed for a good looking tire and he got busy and put it on.  After it was on he told me he needed 5 to get rid of the old tire.  I guess he got his 45 in the end. 

I made a few other stops and picked up a set of brake pads and a water pump as well.  Its getting to be time to trade off the jeep I guess.

It was a nice evening when we arrived home.  Our little spot is so comfortable.

The weather says we have to endure one more night of cool temperatures before the night time temperatures return to normals.

The view from our window tonight:

Our Location tonight:  Falcon Heights County Park, Texas   Boondocking


  1. So happy you are finally getting better weather!

  2. It is quite pleasant now thanks. Was quite a long cold spell thought.


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