Sunday, 7 January 2018

It's THE CRUD!!!

Back a while ago while we were at Magnolia Beach, our good friends Tom and Norma questioned whether or not we have ever been exposed to THE CRUD!!!  We laughed and brushed it off as a bad Texas joke.  Well guess what??   We both have the CRUD!!! Susan has had it for a few days, and I am at the start of it.  The Urban Dictionary describes "THE CRUD" as:  When you turn into a walking snot ball you have "The Crud" You cough up mucus and your nose runs constantly therefore the use of the word "crud".  It's the coughing, sneezing, wheezing, throat hurting, head ready to blow up, chilled, high temperature, TEXAS CRUD.  It too shall pass!!!!

Now I am not complaining really but rather writing what Susan told me it was like.  I on the other hand am waaaay sicker than she was, so this post will be short.

I forgot to post a picture yesterday of a 3 wheeled unit I would like to buy for CJ's Ice Cream at home, and use it to take ice cream to ball games and such.  It would be ideal!!!!

I'm going back to bed now.  Here is the view from our window today:

Our Location tonight:  Falcon Heights Texas   Boondocking


  1. Sorry to hear you're under the weather but I'm certain the Crud is enjoying his new home for a few days. Love those 3 wheeled buggy things, seen them in Mississippi last year at the Mardi Gras parades.

    Hope the Crud passes quickly.

  2. Oh Crud! It's the Crud! I have no doubt yours is much much worse than Sue's could EVER be!

    ps - feel better soon, both of you. I do care, really, Lorne.


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