Monday, 1 January 2018

Moving away from the wind.

Its 2018!!!!  And it doesn't feel one bit different than 2017!!!!  And I don't have a hangover because I was in bed before 10:00 pm last night.  Oh dear, am I getting that old and boring.  I remember going out for New Years in Phoenix not that long ago with a couple who were 95 years old and they were cutting up a rug so I guess it has nothing to do with age!!!  Just lazy I guess.  Maybe next year we will have to find a party.

Susan is one of the few left that actually makes New Years resolutions and I'm not sure I'm thrilled with this years.  Lots of luck dear. LOL

Today is moving day because it is time.  The wind off the ocean here is not going to let up anytime soon and we have been talking to Kevin and Ruth of Travel with Kevin and Ruth, and they say that there is very little wind in Falcon State Park where they are.  So we decided to head down there to a nice little boondocking spot near the State Park.

The temperature when we got up this morning is not great and it looks like no matter where we go it will be cold for the next few days.  It will be nice to leave the wind behind though.  Charlie and I went for a quick goodbye walk on the beach this morning.  Even the birds were facing into the wind to try to stay warm.

We set off down the road and soon we were driving through trees.  That looks like good wind protection.  We must be headed the right direction.

I was confident that we were heading the right direction and that we wouldn't get lost because right beside me was my trusty navigator.  She always makes sure we are on the right road.

As usual she found us a nice boondocking spot right across the lake from Mexico in a spot that back in 2010 was a hot spot for drug cartel and drug wars.  We will enjoy it here.  A little excitement never hurts anyone!!  Actually it is a good spot with Border Patrol just down the road and the Park Rangers patrol the area on a regular basis now.  Probably as safe as anywhere.  Here is the view out our window today:

Our Location Tonight:  Falcon Heights County Park, Texas  Boondocking

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