Thursday, 25 January 2018

Old Friends Re-united.

This morning was as beautiful as an Arizona morning could be.  Because of the Superstition mountain, it gets daylight here at the normal time, but we don't see the sun come over the mountain until well after 8 am.  When it does, its warm sunbeams are delicious.  Because Ed and Lessie washed and waxed the bird on their trip here, it shone in the sun.

The sun came beaming in the Ponderosa and everyone was ready for a new day of fun.  We don't have anything planned today except the arrival of a couple more friends to share the mountain with us.

I did a couple things around the Ponderosa and one of them was to put up the sun shade on the awning.  We have not used it in 10 months, so it was fun trying to find it in the basement.  The shade does a great job of stopping the wind and blocking the sun.  It's great that the sun is actually warm enough to need the shade.

After doing a few chores outside, I was put to work laying down with Grace and putting her to sleep.  I must admit I am good at this job and have fun doing it.  The sacrifices a Grampa makes.

After a short nap, my next job was making sure the firewood was piled and ready for the bonfire tonight!!   Another tough job completed.

And then our first friend of the day showed up.  Its Kyra!!!  We haven't seen her since last spring when we parted company in northern Nevada.  We hope she is going to hang around with us for a while again this year.  We still bow down to her as the Boon docking Queen, and are so thankful that she taught us so much about this lifestyle that we enjoy.  Great to have you back.

She got all set up in a nice spot close by.

Then she came over for some chatter and eventually hot dogs on the BBQ.  Ed and Lessie were here this evening as well.   We got word that Pat and Harold will not make it tonight due to some unfortunate mechanical issues somewhere around Casa Grande, so we will delay the bonfire until they arrive.  Hope to see them tomorrow.

And who could resist another beautiful Arizona sunset.

The view out our window tonight:

Our Location tonight:  BLM near Superstition Mountain, Apache Jnct. AZ  33.4602 - 111.5085  Boondocking


  1. Looks like you have perfect place to hang your hat and friends to share it with. Can't get any better than that. Enjoy.

  2. What a beautiful place to stay! And grandpa's have to do what grandpa's have to do :-)

  3. You are working way too hard! Your firewood stacks look like loaves of bread. Quite a firestarter, I'd say!
    Glad your friends are arriving as planned. Enjoy the warmth!

  4. It's a tough job being a Grandpa, I can see that you really have to work very hard at it. Congrats on doing those chores with such flare and style.
    What a beautiful spot, with family and friends, an amazing sunset and warm weather, what else could one ask for?
    Enjoy your time!!!!


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