Thursday, 4 January 2018

We have found a great campsite

Both Sue and I were sick today so we did very little except sit in the Ponderosa and sleep.  I fixed the front door lock that was sticky and Sue took down all the Christmas decorations.  Once again the sun was shining and the temperatures were getting back up to normal for this time of year.

We did manage to sit outside in our chairs for a little while today enjoying the sunshine.  I took a walk out back of the Ponderosa in the afternoon to see if I could find the dump station everyone said is here.  I spotted a water tap there.  It is funny because although the park is pretty well neglected, the water system has been preserved.  Every water spigot is working.

Upon closer inspection I found a 6 inch pipe with a cap on it in the grass.  This is the dump station and it seems to just go into a septic field.  It just gets better around here.  Free no time limit camping, restrooms, hot showers, water fill up, sewer dump, and garbage bins.  What more could you ask for.

And I turned around and there is the Ponderosa through the trees.  You can't get it any handier than this.

On the way back to the Pondrosa I spotted this branch that someone had sawed off presumably for firewood.  What a neat pattern in the grain.  I think I might just saw another chunk off it and try to do something with it.

Well here is our view from the window tonight:  Sue had already closed the curtains.

Our Location tonight is: Falcon Heights Texas  Boondocking


  1. One couldn't ask for more than all that free stuff. Feel better soon!!

  2. We will have to check that place out next time we are in that part of texas.

  3. We stayed at the state park when we were there......the birds are just awesome !

  4. As I am sitting here there are lots of birds flitting around. I wish I had the ability to photograph them but all my pictures come from and Iphone.


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