Wednesday 24 January 2018

Here they come!!!

This was the big day that our granddaughter and her gramma Elaine arrive from Manitoba to spend a week with us.  We always look forward to a visit from home in the middle of the winter.  Sheri and Donovan and Dani were trying to plan to meet us this winter in Florida but that plan didn't work out. so when Elaine said she was going to come see us for a week with Grace, we were happy to have them.  We met them at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport at 1:45 pm after they had traveled from Winnipeg Manitoba to Vancouver BC and then to here.  They left the hotel in Winnipeg at 3 am to be on time for their flight, and Grace had not slept since then.  What a little trooper.  Gramma Sue was at the gate waiting for them to arrive.

There was a lot of smiles from this Gramma when she arrived.  Although I have no pictures, I did get a hug or two as well both from Grace and Elaine.

Other than a quick stop at McDonald's for some lunch, we headed straight home to spend the afternoon in the sun and to play with Grace.  We are finally experiencing some warm temperatures so have to take advantage of it for a few days.

Not much else happening today so here is the view from our window tonight.

Our Location tonight:  BLM near Superstition Mountain, Apache Jnct. AZ  33.4602 - 111.5085  Boondocking


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