Monday, 22 January 2018

Bonfire with friends

Still cool in Arizona today.  Other than a couple hours this afternoon, there was a cool breeze blowing.  I still had to wear my sweater all day.  I keep looking at the forecast and it seems like the nice weather keeps moving one day farther away.   It finally looks like we may catch up to it in Phoenix starting tomorrow.  I can't wait.

After lunch the girls headed into Tucson to shop for supplies. We have to start stocking up on things because our granddaughter Grace and her grandma Elaine are flying into Phoenix on Wednesday to spend a week with us.

Harold, Ed and I went for a little drive to pass the time.   On our travels we dropped by Snyder Hill BLM so I could show Ed and Harold where they can dry camp if they are in the area for a while.  If you remember, we camped here for a few nights last year while visiting in Tucson.  I noticed an awesome old MH there.  It is a Crown and looks like it could be 50s vintage maybe.  It had a roof full of solar panels so it is obvious it has the ability to look after itself in the desert.

When we got back to the casino we still had a lot of RV's in the parking lot.  I guess they must be winning if they are sticking around.

That was about all we did in the early part of the day, except have a little snooze in the late afternoon.  We have arranged with Rowdy and Missy to meet them at Barrio Brewing Company for some drinks appys and supper, or dinner as the southerners call it.  It is located in an old industrial part of town and you would never dream such a nice place existed here.

What a great evening with friends.  It is amazing how this gypsy lifestyle brings together all kinds of people from all corners of the country to laugh and share stories.  We are so fortunate to call them all our friends and love to hang with all these guys.

After a great supper we headed over to the Lazydaze KOA where Rowdy and Missy have their 5er parked for most of the winter.   Rowdy had ordered some wood and a fire pit and had the fire going by the time we got there.  We sat around the fire and shared more stories.  Their other Canadian friends Dave and Martha showed up for a while as well so we had a variety of stories.

As you can see by the picture it was still quite chilly even though Rowdy had a roaring fire going.

Because it is moving day tomorrow and Pat and Harold have to take their trailer in to have some work done on the suspension, we said our goodbyes and made some jello plans to meet in the desert sometime in February. 

Here is the view out our window today: (we are parked by a city bus stop).

Our Location Tonight:  Casino Del Sol, Tucson AZ   Boondocking


  1. The weather is warming up again, but you know where the heat is!
    Looks like a great time with friends, we never have a problem telling stories, do we?

  2. Great campfire, wonderful friends, and great stories (even if it is a little chilly) it doesn't get much better then that. Sounds like another good day.

  3. Sounds like you had a fun day and evening relaxing with Friends.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Nice campfire, great friends, what more could a person ask for?
    Glad you are enjoying your time there. Safe travels.


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