Sunday 31 December 2017

What are those Birds?

When we lifted the shades this morning, and I say that loosely because it was more like mid morning when we did, we saw our tenting buddies across the way standing around with their winter jackets on.  The temperature was about 4C and a foggy damp overcast sky, with the wind blowing about 25 mph.   Now I remember tenting in my day, and I could always handle the night in my sleeping bag no matter how cold it got, but it was the morning transition into my clothes and the chill that set in while waiting for the fire to warm my first cup of coffee that has made me decide to never ever tent camp again.

So I decided to stay inside and turn the heat up.  Glad we bought a Buddy Heater.  Sue is still not feeling well and needs to cover up and get rid of her flu bug.

After lunch Sue and I drove over to the visitor center to buy a bird book.  We have been seeing a lot of birds which we can't identify, so we think it is time to get a book on them.  We decided on the National Geographic book because it looks simple and will enable us to find most birds fairly quickly.  It doesn't get into great detail, but we don't want that.  We want to identify and then we can look up the rest online.

If you want to buy one on Amazon, this is the one we got.

In the USA get  Birds of North America  and if you are Canadian go here Birds of North America

The ocean was angry again today and we have not had a decent chance to go searching for treasures on the beach.  The wind is high enough it is blowing the sand on the beach and making it miserable to even be down there.  This was the view from our window today.

We have sure enjoyed ourselves in the past year roaming around the country and seeing all that God has created.  Even more we have enjoyed our friends and family and at the end of the day, they are what make us smile.  He created us a new grand daughter this year who we look forward to meeting in person in 2018.  

Our lifestyle allows us to meet so many different people along the way and we have noticed that no matter where we go, there are good people.  For that we are thankful.  

2017 has been a great year,  and we are looking forward to what 2018 will bring us.  Thank you to all our blog followers for enduring my ramblings again this year.  We hope you have the courage to stick with us in 2018.   

We know that it is New Years somewhere at 10:00 pm so we said Happy New Year to each other and went to bed.  See you next year!!

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