Friday 1 December 2017

A new experience for us

Was up early today and I'm feeling quite a bit better today.  I must have caught a little bug somewhere and it really upset my stomach.  Today was housekeeping day and the Ponderosa got a sweep and vacuum from top to bottom.  One of the disadvantages of living on the beach is the sand everywhere.  Especially when the humidity is high, it tracks in real bad.  It even gets in the bed.

Charlie is not a fan of the vacuum and he usually sits by the door and tries to ignore it.  When Sue gets to the front with the vacuum, he will head back and jump on the bed.  Poor guy.

When it is all done, our little house looks pretty nice.  It is not shiny and new but we are quite comfortable in it.

One of the projects I had was to change out the living room lamp.  The original one was screwed to the side table so I had to get out my screw gun and take it off.  The new lamp is much smaller and has a bulb in it that can be controlled with our new toy "Alexa"!!  Sue is going to write about Alexa in a blog soon.  She is our newest toy.

One thing that RV'ers try to do as much as possible is recycle the stuff they are done with in case someone else could use it.  Movies, books, and household items are often left by the washrooms or common areas for others to take if they have a use for them.  I took our old lamp and left it by the washroom here.

We are going to go to a high school football game in Victoria with some of our friends tonight.  First time Sue and I have ever been to any kind of a football game.  Randy and Susan have a grandson playing in the quarter finals there tonight and they invited us to join them.  We are going to pick up Chuck and Angela and take them with us as well.  We all met at Randy and Susan's and will travel in a convoy to the stadium.  Now I'm sure your are saying pfffffftt, high school football, not worth watching.  Well I will tell you different.  We arrived at a stadium that held probably 5000 people with artificial turf and big lights on.  Pretty impressive.

By the time the game got underway there were about 3000 people there and the noise was incredible.
Each of the teams entered the field from their respective little blow up team logo's.

The opposition - Edna Cowboys
Our team - Goliad Tigers
These kids played their hearts out.  Like I say I have never been to a CFL game but I bet the quality of this game was played almost as well.

Halftime was great with marching bands and lots of cheerleaders and mascots.  They really put on a show.

Throughout the game the cheerleaders would do some stuff in the air but it was hard to get a clear picture.

The final score was 57 for us and 31 for Edna. Thanks Randy and Susan for inviting us to enjoy this football game with you and we hope the Goliad Tigers are successful in their quest for the title.

The view out our front window tonight for a change.

Our Location tonight:  Magnolia Beach Texas  Boondocking


  1. Great front window view but I miss the ships...:) From your pictures it looks like you are decorated for Christmas...nice tree.
    One thing for sure is that in Texas football is a very serious sport. I am pretty sure they start playing as soon as they can walk.

  2. katy texas has a 70 million high school stadium

  3. i meant to say 70milliom dollar


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