Friday 8 December 2017


Last week when we looked at the temperatures around Brownsville they were in the 30's Celcius and we thought it was too hot.  Well this morning the unthinkable happened.  It SNOWED!!!  Yes siree when we woke this morning the ground was white.  It almost felt good because it reminded us of home and what we drove 2000 miles to escape.

This picture reminds me of the song from Sesame Street....One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong......  Something soooo wrong about a Palm tree and snow.

On the other hand the song....Walkin in a Winter Wonderland.....came to mind.  It was really pretty.  Of course it was wet yucky snow and you couldn't go out and walk in it without getting soaked.  It is much better if it is a little colder and you can go out and catch snowflakes with your tongue. Don't lie, you have done it!!!

Since we were stuck inside today, I had to find something to do, so for a project I decided to give in to Sues idea of moving the couch from one end of the slide to the middle.  I went to work and with her help, made it happen.

It does make more room at both ends of the couch for our junk and I now have option of 3 places to sit.  Maybe not a bad idea at all.

My side
Sues side
It does look very pretty with the lamp on.  Sue said we will have to buy another lamp for my end of the couch.  Now if you read my posts, you will remember that not more than 2 weeks ago (December 1st blog),  I removed a lamp from the Ponderosa and placed it at the restroom at Magnolia as a give away.  We really need to work on some long term planning here folks.  Oh well it was only a lamp.

Lamp to give away
Later in the afternoon the sun peeked through and all the snow melted and a little bird came to tell us it was spring again.  

We are not totally out of the woods yet because the forecast for tonight says freezing all night long.  Tomorrow will be better I hope.

The view tonight is from outside the Ponderosa.  There is something about Christmas you have to love.

Our Location tonight:  VIP La Feria RV Park Texas   Full Hookups


  1. SNOW!?!? And you sound so excited! Ha ha. Yeuch!
    Yes, I caught snowflakes on my tongue..........when I was 10! :)
    I had to go back and forth with your pictures of the couch move. Does Sue really have the remote control??? Lucky gal! I barely remember what mine feels like in my hand. Stay warm folks!

  2. At least it's December and near Christmas, I could probably handle snow down south with Christmas in mind.


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