Sunday 24 December 2017

Christmas Eve with friends

It was a gorgeous morning on the beach to sit outside and have coffee.  Sue and I were there first and soon Ed and Lessie joined us.  It wasn't long and our friend Susan and her dog Champ showed up.  She has a really neat jeep painted up in John Deere colours.  We tried to buy it from her but she said we were about number 4 in line.

It wasn't long before our friends Tom and Norma showed up and joined us on the beach.  We haven't had many people around lately with all the cool weather we have been having.  It's so good to see them all on Christmas Eve.

Everyone was commenting on the fact that no one was wearing shorts except Sue and Norma because we didn't think it would be that warm.  It wasn't long before everyone went in an put on their shorts.

Even Champ was enjoying the weather.

It wasn't long and a familiar motor home arrived on the beach.  It is Kevin and Ruth Read who have graciously agreed to spend Christmas with us at Magnolia Beach.  We have not seen them for over a year so it will be nice to catch up on the gossip.  We do know what they do every day because they write an awesome blog.  If you haven't read it you should.  Travel with Kevin and Ruth  They have traveled the world, literally.

They picked a spot to park "Sherman" along the row of palm trees down by the pier.

As Kevin was sitting talking, we noticed a strange metal gadget on the bottom of his sandal.  Of course being inquisitive we asked what it was.

Kevin said here let me show you and he grabbed a beer and snapped the cap off.  It is a bottle opener for on the beach.  What will they think of next?

While we were sitting looking out to sea, we noticed the little tug that could, smoking away as he worked with one of the dredges out in the shipping channel.  It is fun to watch him running around out there all day.

And a few ships went in and out as usual.

I had to snicker today because it looks like the Christmas massacre is happening in southern Texas as well as in Arizona, Patsy!!!  Patsy writes about all the Christmas massacres in her blog, Chillin' with Patsy.

Although this looks like a normal ship it is actually a barge with a tug that fits in the back.  It reminds me of an overgrown seadoo boat.

After supper we had the whole gang over for appetizers at the Ponderosa.  We had hoped to spend time outside tonight, but a norther had moved in and the winds were over 30 MPH, so we opted to stay inside.

Sue, Lessie, Ruth, Ed, Kevin, Lorne and of course a bit of Charlie
We had a few games of LRC and had a lot of fun.  Everyone won at least one game except for me.  I hardly even got to throw the dice because I kept putting my quarters in the center.  Stupid game.

Sorry I missed Ruth in the picture
Here was the view from our window tonight before the wind got up.

Our Location Tonight:   Magnolia Beach Texas  Boondocking


  1. Merry Christmas Lorne and Sue and Charlie!
    I'm sorry to hear that the Inflator Assassin has gone to Texas.
    Lovely picture of all of you inside.

  2. Merry Christmas. First time reading your blog. Another good one for my reading enjoyment. Love the beer bottle opener. My hands are getting weaker every year.

  3. Welcome. Glad you dropped by and commented. We try to give everyone a chuckle once in a while. Merry Christmas.

  4. We had such a great time, thank you so much for inviting us over. :-)


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