Thursday 7 December 2017

A day at the mall

Have you ever had to do this?   I think we all have one of those RV parking experiences that we are not proud of.  I just saw this sign on Facebook and thought that it fit the bill for me a lot of times.  We all have to learn to relax and take our time when parking or we get into big trouble.

With the rain coming down and the wind blowing today, I told Sue to bundle up and we will go to the mall so she can get her fill of shopping.  I encouraged her to window shop lots and she did exercise a lot of self will today.  But it did take her a long time.

You may notice that all the pictures were taken from the same spot.  Well that is because after the first half hour, I found a comfy spot and became "The Keeper of the Treasures!!"

When we were done at the mall we headed over to Lowes to pick up a couple things and I spotted the rack with BBQ stuff on it.  Now I can't believe that a big chain store like this would have this kind of stuff for sale.  I'm not saying the sauce is not first class, but the packaging leaves little to the imagination.

I checked the fore cast for the night and it looks like we better keep the heat on.  I don't think it will get cold enough to freeze any water lines though.  We have been through -8 overnight without freezing up before.  Although the propane furnace uses a bit of propane, there are ducts in the water compartment in the basement which helps keep things from freezing, so we make sure it is on when it is really cold.

Tonight I was tired and hit the hay early without taking a window picture.  Unannounced to me the jolly old fella dropped by to see if things were in order I guess. He must have known I fell asleep without taking a window picture tonight, so he obviously took a selfie to help me out.  So here is Santa's selfie of the window tonight:

Hope this helps you start to get in the spirit and puts a smile on your face.

Our Location tonight:  VIP La Feria RV Park Texas   Full Service hookup

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