Friday 29 December 2017

Running from the Cold

Well we finally got froze out of Magnolia Beach Texas.  Woke up to cold, windy and wet and decided we need to find some warmth somewhere.  It looks like farther south will be nice for Saturday and Sunday, but after that there is no where to hide.  Its going to be cold everywhere.

So the Ponderosa followed by Roundtuit headed south with the intention of reaching Maliquite Beach Campground in the National Seashore of South Padre Island.  Here is our trip today.

First stop was to top up with propane in Port Lavaca because we will need to keep warm for a few more days yet before the temperatures start to rise.

Lessie liked this nice bench at the propane store.  It was shaped like a boat.

Heading south we saw again some of the damage left by Hurricane Harvey.  A lot has been cleaned up and there has been lots of effort by a lot of people to get things back to normal.  However, even four months after the Hurricane, there is lots to do yet.

And the boats are still in the ditch as we get closer to Rockport.

Last night in the comments, a fellow blogger Barney who writes Old Fat Man Adventures said that I should wave at him on the way through Rockport.  Well here is your wave Barney.  Too much fun!!!

We had to go right through the center of Corpus Christi at 4 pm on a Friday of a holiday weekend so there were not a lot of pictures taken.  A little bit of white knuckle driving but not that bad.  As we crossed the bridge onto the island there were some fishermen along the side of the highway.  They are devoted to their sports because it is still miserable and rainy here.

There is the bridge onto South Padre Island.  This will be fun.

About 10 miles south of Corpus we enter South Padre Island National Seashore.  I will write a bit more about this park another day.  For today we just want to get parked and settled in for the night.

We got a couple sites side by side on the dune side of the campground which is good because our front window looks out to the ocean which is only about 300 yards over the dunes from us.  This is a good deal for us because we have a National park pass so entry is free, and it only costs us 8 bucks a night and we got to dump and take on a tank of water, which would normally cost us $10.  So if you add up savings of 20 bucks for the 2 days entry, plus a 10 buck dump minus our actual cost of 16 bucks for the camping, we actually MADE 14 bucks to stay here.  Do the math!!!!  LOL  If we stayed here all winter we would be rich!!!!

Once we got set up, Lessie, Charlie and I went for a walk on the beach.  Lessie was picking up every shell in sight and marveling at it.  She took a bunch back to Roundtuit with her.

Here is the view out our window tonight.

Our Location Tonight:  Maliquite Beach Campground Texas Boondocking  27.432137 - 97.095490


  1. Yep, looks like we've got two days of cold heading our way. We are going to go plug in at the State Park I think!

  2. That water looks very cold and unfriendly. You'll find it a few degrees cooler on the water than you would inland a mile or so, and of course more windy as well. However I'm sure warmer days are ahead. Put on the woolies and enjoy the knowledge that when it warms up there it will really warm up quickly.

  3. Well, at least you moved! Keep those wheels moving, my friends.

  4. Our first year out we spent Christmas on Mustang Island and as we recall it was not warm with a good "breeze". We did check out Padre Island National Seashore and thought the park you are in would be the place to park next time. Only thing, we would like it to be warmer next time we visit. Hope the warmth finds you or you find it soon.


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