Friday 15 December 2017

Moved again!

Today was really windy and cool.  High today is about 12C which is 53F.  With the wind coming off the water it really chills you to the bone.  So we decided that we should do an indoor project.  Sue was wanting to do something with the front of her kitchen counter because it was just white.  While shopping yesterday she bought some old board type wall paper so she got ready to put it on to see what it will look like.

She got busy and put it on, and I think it looks great.  It fits in with her old farmhouse look in the Ponderosa.  This is exactly why we bought an older motor home, so we could fix it up the way we want without worrying about affecting resale value a lot.  In fact to the right buyer we may get a premium when we go to sell.

And the almost finished product looks fantastic.  We still have to add some dark trim around the floor and she will paint the white board up the corner, dark brown as well.  It will look great.

Later in the afternoon we decided to move to the far end of the beach where there are some palm trees and we are away from the generator serenades at night.  This is sort of the area we were when we first came here in November.

The view out our window tonight:

Our Location tonight:  Magnolia Beach Texas Boondocking


  1. I love your new cupboards, you have chosen a very nice pattern to go with the floor too. You have a great view too. We have just come back from 6 weeks away in our van and already I am missing our travelling life.

  2. Even though the weather hasn't been the greatest the view makes up for it. Life on the road gets in your blood and its hard to stop moving. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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