Sunday 17 December 2017

Have you ever seen a Roseate Spoonbill?

It is still raining this morning so we had to find something interesting to do today.  What could be more interesting than going out for lunch?   We have heard that Skillets in Port Lavaca is a good place to eat, so off we went to find out if that's true.

By the time we got there the breakfast buffet was over so we just ordered breakfast off the menu.  Here's what I had.  mmmmm

We had to stop at Walmart quick on the way home and just inside the door was the sign I showed you a couple weeks ago.  It sits there going nahnanananah!!!  And it gets a lot of people in a frazzle to shop.  For me it just means there is no hurry, 8 days is a long time... lol

On our way home we spotted a small group of Roseate Spoon bills.  These are a pretty pink bird that are out in the marshes around here, but we seldom see them up close.  Today was the first chance I had to take pictures of them.

Gorgeous at a distance and bizarre up close is the Roseate Spoonbill. Locally common in coastal Florida, Texas, and southwest Louisiana, they are usually in small flocks, often associating with other waders. Spoonbills feed in shallow waters, walking forward slowly while they swing their heads from side to side, sifting the muck with their wide flat bills.  That is what these ones were doing.

Because I am a terrible photographer, here is what one looks like up close in a picture taken from the All about Birds web site.  Very pretty.

When we got back to the Ponderosa I spotted this local all dressed for winter out riding his bike.  It was 15C by now and no wind but you would think Old Man Winter himself was chasing him.  We see him quite often and he actually has 3 dogs but 2 of them don't do so well on a leash so they just tag along checking out all the RV's. 

Looking out to sea I spotted a tug boat pulling a great big pipe behind it.  It must have been quite heavy based on the amount of smoke he is spewing.  The little tug in front is encouraging him by saying "Come on big guy, I know you can do it".  I don't see any rope between the two tugs so the little guy is just there for moral support I guess.

Around supper time we saw the First Baptist Church of Indianola heading by the Ponderosa singing Christmas Carols.  We wished them a Merry Christmas and they went on their way singing.

Here is the view from our window tonight.  At this time of year it reminds me of the song "I saw three ships come sailing in on Christmas Day in the morning".   Now you will be humming that all day..

Our Location tonight:  Magnolia Beach Texas  Boondocking on the Beach

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  1. Yup that will be on my mind all night ... good thing it's a song I like :-)


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