Tuesday 19 December 2017

Nothing can be this much fun

On days when not much happens, it creates a special situation for a blogger.  It presents an opportunity to just give in and let your readers know you have nothing for them and post a couple boring pictures, or you can get a little creative and write a story about a couple of the real trivial things that happened during the day.  These stories can be factual or a little bit of fiction.  I opt today to do the story option.  You decide if it is fact or fiction. Enjoy!

Today was one of those do nothing days for us.  We got up late, again, and sat outside and drank coffee for most of the morning.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, because there are a lot of people we know who still have to head off to work on a cold morning and they would all love to be doing what we are doing.  And we would like to say thanks to them for continuing to pay into the pension funds so that we can still receive our monthly cheques. Your efforts are certainly appreciated.

After we got done doing nothing we headed into Victoria to do some more, shopping that is.  The Mall was our first stop and you could shoot a cannon down the isle and not hit anyone.  I don't know where everyone was tonight.

I walked the mall a few times and I did stop into one store which will remain unnamed except you can tell by the pictures which one it is.  I have never been in a store which is so messed up.  There are things all jumbled up and in piles on tables and strewn all over the floor.  I can not for the life of me understand how any business would think that this utter chaos would attract people to shop there.  I don't know if it is because they have no staff, or because the staff who work there don't care, or if it is just the way the management wants it.  Bottom line is that it really doesn't matter a bit to me so I will get over it.  Please don't let the graphic pictures bother you either.

If you can't find it on the shelf, try the floor
I would love to buy my grandchild a toy here after it has been thrown, dragged, sat on, and slobbered on.  Oh I want that Teddy Bear with the big gob of gum on it, the one with dirt all over it!!!!

Or maybe you need a new outfit for the Christmas party.  Can't find your size?  Oh there it is all crumpled under that guys foot with dirt all over it.  Oh well we can wash it.

Or you could grab that white shirt under there and help by mopping up the coffee you spilled.  Come on now, help out a wee bit.

I am soooo glad my days of giving a rats bum about this sort of thing are over, and I just snicker under my breath at it now.  I don't have to go to any Christmas parties any more.  Oh the beauty of retirement.

After the mall we headed over the the Olive Garden for supper.  I had a hankerin for spaghetti and meatballs and Susan said she could leave Keto outside. (inside joke).

Always a nice clean place to eat with a nice bright smiley atmosphere.  I guess this is why no one is at the mall, they are all here.

They have these little consoles at every table and after you order on them, you can play Trivia or other games while you wait on your meal.  I call them a "Bad Date Saviour".  If your date turns out to be a dud, at least you can have some fun playing a game and not have to make eye contact any more.  Better than cruising Facebook.

And when your done eating you can just pass it to her and she can pay right there.  How handy!!!  Thanks Susan!!!   Not really, she is the best date anyone could have, and I almost beat her at Trivia!!!

We headed over to Lowe's to look for propane fittings for the Buddy Heater. They had both of the fittings I need to T into the furnace line on display, but were sold out of both.  I guess I will have to go to a propane place to get them.

Then the final stop was HEB for groceries.  I swear you see some of the darndest get ups in a grocery store in the late evening.  Its like they all of a sudden remember that they need something from the store and dash out the door without looking in a mirror!!!  I am always timid about taking pictures of them though in case I get caught, but you have seen it right??

Well thank you for joining us on our do nothing day!!  It was kinda fun wasn't it?  Here was the view from our window today with some sun shining finally.

Our Location tonight:  Magnolia Beach Texas  Boondocking on the beach


  1. Oh please tell me that store was not true! And yes I have seen those people at the grocery store ... just like the guy I saw walking around outside his RV this morning in very tight, show all, Christmas pjs :-( That's an image I can't get out of my head ... and now it's in yours!!

    1. I would hate getting caught taking a picture of some of the things I see so I refrain. Leave that up to the Walmart web sites.

  2. Always enjoy your view out the window...and it must be great sitting there in the morning drinking coffee looking at that view. If that is the store I think it is I have seen some that are pretty messy...:) Enjoyed your post fact or fiction...LOL

  3. Hmm, fact or fiction? Well, hilarious for sure! Glad you shared your nothing day. I can't believe that store. I am the type of person if I see an item has dropped off a hanger or a shelf, I pick it up and place it back where it belongs. BUT I draw the line to that mess! I'd have to leave really quickly.
    Good reason NOT to shop in the wee hours of morning or night, some getups are indeed frightful! When is it okay to wear pjs to a store? NEVER!!


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