Wednesday 27 December 2017

Santa got run over!!!

We were going to move today to try and escape the cold wet windy weather that is upon us, however the day was so drizzly and windy that I said the heck with it.  Lets just go to town and hang out in the mall.  So that's what we did.  Ed and Lessie came with us and we did some Christmas returns in Victoria.

It rained all day and so being inside was a good thing.  I didn't take any pictures because all of you know what it looks like in Walmart, Best Buy, and Home Depot.  We even went out for supper at the Golden Corral like we wanted to do on Christmas Day.  It was really really good and they even had liver and onions.  MMMMMM.

When we were done we headed for home and when we came around the bend and shone the headlights on the Ponderosa, we saw Santa had been run over!!!  Oh how horrible!!  He was still struggling to get free.  I quickly freed him and put him away in a nice warm spot until next year.

After we got settled inside we turned on the Buddy heater and were soon snug as a bug in a rug.  Even Charlie was enjoying it.

The day was yucky all around and I think if the wind is down tomorrow, we will be heading further south.  Here was our day today.

2 Celsius with 99% Humidity and windy.  We talked with our son Derek and Nicole and their family today and they said they don't even feel sorry for us.  This was their weather back home today.  I guess I need to quit complaining.

I have nothing else to report today so this is the view from our window earlier.

Our Location tonight:  Magnolia Beach Texas  Boondocking


  1. Pass the kleenex please! Poor Santa! And he was so good to you guys this year!
    Sorry to hear about your weather, it seems to have done a complete turn around on you. Head further southwest my friends. There is warmth out there. :)

    1. We can't seem to pick the right places to be. It was cold in Arizona last year and we were there. Our friends were in Texas basking in the sun so we thought we would try it this year. NO NO NO It didn't work. Next year we will try Florida because I hear it is hot there this year. Lol Actually I think we will go to Mexico next year for a couple months.

  2. Seriously, after how good Santa was to the two of you this was his fate...sad...sad...sad...:)
    Safe travels as you head to more warmth.

    1. It may be interesting to see what I get or should I say don't get for Christmas next year.

  3. I wish I could follow you south now but I have another month in Rockport before I can roll. Wave as you roll past.

  4. One day I'm gonna look you up as we go through Rockport. Would love to meet you.


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