Sunday 15 April 2018

Back in Canada

This will be the final leg of our US adventure for this year.  We will be crossing the border into Alberta today for a nice long visit with our daughter Sheri and her SO Gord and all the kids.  Donovan, Dani, Rio, and Joey.  It will be a long day today as it is over 600 kilometers to drive today.

We arrived at the border around 1:30 and it took us less than 5 minutes to clear customs.  We had said good byes to Pat and Harold before because they have some paper work to do since they purchased their motor home in the USA this winter.   We are going to Lacombe and they are stopping in Calgary and will turn East there to head for Manitoba.

We are back in the land of trains and the first one we saw was only a few miles north of the border.  It was a good old Canadian Pacific train.

It wasn't too long and we were in Lethbridge.  Guess what my first stop was?  Thats right, good old Tim Hortons.   I went in to get a coffee and forgot what I normally drink.  Finally I figured out that I needed a "Medium, double, double".  It did taste real good.

We made it to Lacombe around 7 pm and got all parked up at the Best Western in Lacombe.  They will be charging us $20.00 a night but we do get 15 amp power and it is going to be cold so will be nice to have some heat on in the water bay at night because it will be going to -8C at nights a couple times.  The reason we are here is because Sheri and Gord had their basement backed up with sewer just before we arrived, and their insurance company has put them up in a hotel until the restoration of their basement is complete.  Otherwise we would have been parked in their back yard.

The kids came over for a nice visit tonight.  It sure is good to be back with family after only talking to them on face time over the winter.

Gord, Sue, Sheri
Here is the view out our window tonight:

Our Location today:  Best Western Hotel, Lacombe Alberta, Canada


  1. Brr. Turn up the heat please, so that things will have thawed out by the time we get up there in a week and a half...

  2. Welcome back to Canada! That's great that the hotel will let you park there and you have power, $20.00 isn't a bad price. Enjoy your family time :-)

  3. Welcome Home!! Looks cold and dreary there but at least no snow. Always nice to see family. Enjoy your time with them!! Stay warm.

  4. I always enjoy spring but this winter thing is not what I agreed too!!! Soon the water will be running down the ditches!!

  5. Ah yes, the good times during The Great Flood of


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