Saturday 14 April 2018

Costco Taste Testing

It was COLD last night or at least cold for us.  When I last looked it was -2C at about midnight.  We always manage to sleep well when it is cold for some reason.  I turn the furnace on for about an hour when we jump into bed and then turn it off for the night.  Then because the thermostat is right above my head in bed, I just reach up about 7:30 and turn it on again for a half hour until we get up.  We had a quick happy hour at our house and decided to head for Great Falls Montana today.  We headed down main street to I-15.

We looked up in the mountain as we started the climb out of Butte Montana, and there was Our Lady of the Rockies.  Whether you are Catholic or not you have to feel that there is something to Mary looking down over an industrial city, and perhaps she imparts some safety on those who work below her.

She is the fourth tallest statue in the United States.

The snow was still showing up in the high country.  The roads were bare and dry though.

We stopped in Helena at Costco to get a few things and for Harold and I to try all the samples.  There were some good ones today!!  The best one was Tide Pods!!  The girls were over asking the lady if this was a taste test!!  I hope not. lol   It gave us the laugh of the day, but on the other hand, although we don't understand it, there is a scary use of this product.

The samples only got our appetites going.  While the girls finished up Harold and I went for the $1.50 hot dog and drink.  What a deal.  The hot dogs are huge and the drink is refillable.

We headed off for Great Falls and as we were getting closer, we broke out into nice what I call typical Montana country.  Although the mountains are beautiful, when it comes to driving, the prairies are much easier.

We got all parked up at Walmart again and went in to talk to customer service.  What friendly people.  The lady welcomed us and told us we could stay 2 nights if we wished.  I still haven't found a Walmart that rejected us.  I guess my day will come.

The rest of the afternoon was absolutely gorgeous here and we enjoyed it fully.  The girls went shopping again and H and I visited Walmart and did some dog walking. 

Here is the view out our window today:

Our Location tonight: Walmart, Great Falls Montana


  1. Keep a close eye on the weather......which I know you will. Walmart could always use your business tomorrow.
    Stay safe!

  2. So far you are having good weather, hopefully you will continue to enjoy more of it.

  3. Glad you can still enjoy some decent weather. Safe travels as you move northward.

  4. Glad the travels were safe and you've arrived at a location that you like. Even the view out the window looks good to me, no snow, no ice and warm temps. What's not to like!!!

    Safe travels, stay warm.

  5. Glad you made it Safe and Sound.
    We had a No Parking at Walmart last winter and Steve and Diane this year. Hope your luck holds out.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. That statue of Our Lady of the Rockies looks beautiful. Maybe someday we will get to see it. Though I would prefer it be minus the snow. Glad to read the roads have been clear and dry as you continue your trek north.
    Continued safe travels.

  7. I got rejected tonight at a Walmart in Oregon. Sad that so many are going NOP.


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