Tuesday 10 April 2018

Sneaking Northward

We had a fast happy hour got on the road early as we continued on with our northward trek.  We hope to stay at our next stop for a couple of days and take in some sunshine.  We know all too soon we will feel the cold north wind a blowing. 

It will still not be as bad as our friends Rowdy and Missy who arrived home to Fairbanks Alaska today to a whole lot of snow.  Or will it???  I was just checking and the temperatures up in Fairbanks  will be much better than what we are anticipating in Red Deer early next week.  Have a look at this comparison.

Maybe we should just keep on trucking and go visit Rowdy and Missy!!!

The trip today had a lot of variety to it.  We have determined that Highway 93 and Highway 6 are about the most lonely highways around.  It is nice scenery but you can go for 100 miles and not see a house.  I often wonder how lonely it would be if you broke down.  Most of the road doesn't have a shoulder and the ditches are soft gravel, so there is no where to even pull off if you had trouble.  Oh well we made it so lets not worry about what might have been.

When we got to our destination, we did the old drive around and shuffle a bit, like an old dog finding a comfy spot to lay down, and this is where we ended up.  Not bad for FREE eh???   Oh dear it seems that my Canadian accent is coming back already!!!!  eh?

After supper we headed into Saratoga Springs for some supplies.  The traffic around this area is nuts, 6 lanes wide and about 75 mph.  I can't believe that we can be in a totally desolate quiet spot and 10 minutes later be in this hustle and bustle.  We headed to Sam's Club first and spotted a "Bird" in the parking lot.  I took some pictures for Ed and Lessie so they can identify who it is.  This one has a very similar paint design as theirs.  And look Lessie!!!  Lots of storage behind!!!!

After a super cheap supper at Sam's we headed home for the night.  We had to move our clocks ahead one hour today, so morning will come quicker than yesterday.

The view out our window today was breath taking. Hope you like it.  Yes Yellow Bike is riding in our living room for the trip home!!

Our Location Today: BLM land near Saratoga Springs UT. 40.1993 -111.8864


  1. What a lovely spot. Just a thought about your 'where do we park if' comment. Since there is no one on the road, why get off?

    Enjoy your couple of days off the road!!!

    1. You are right. It could be days before anyone showed up!!! lol

  2. What an awesome spot! I hope you are ready for cold when you arrive in Red Deer next week :-)

  3. I don't think you can ever prepare for that!!!


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