Tuesday 17 April 2018

Horsing Around

We are starting to get involved in some of the things the kids do here.  With four kids around they are busy most of the time.  We headed out to Bentley to meet the kids for lunch at the Monkey Top Saloon restaurant.  What a neat little place and they do the Dick Damron theme.  Dick is a singer of some notoriety and lives in Bentley in the summer and winters in Mazatlan.  You can check him out yourself here.

They invited all the ranchers in the area to come in and burn their brands into posts and boards all over the saloon.

After lunch we went next door to meet Gord's mom who is  working in the liquor store.  They had a neat display with a monkey theme as well.

If it doesn't quit snowing this will be me!!
Then it was off to watch Dani do her riding lessons.  Gord had to take Rio to gymnastics at the same time.  They have to go all directions to do kid stuff.  The riding school is not far from Bentley and is called McKendrick Stables.  Check them out on Facebook.  The instructors are really kid orientated and Dani loves to go there to ride.

Its been a great day.  PS. It was my Birthday today as well.  Low key like it should be.  The sun was out for most of the day and melted a lot of the snow. Here is the view out our window today:

Our Location today:  Best Western Hotel, Lacombe Alberta, Canada

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