Sunday, 1 April 2018

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone.

It was another gorgeous day at Lake Mead and we had a great morning happy hour as usual.  This morning was kind of a planning session for the pot luck that Sue had organized for supper tonight.  Quite a few of the neighbours will be participating and we are looking forward to the social evening.
After happy hour, I decided to install the new seat belt I bought for the Jeep.  The old lap belt for the center passenger in the back has been locking up and has been unusable for quite some time.  We find that we have need to carry 5 people in the Jeep quite often so decided that a lap belt for the center passenger is better than no belt at all.

I managed to find a seat belt assembly at Auto Zone the other night for $15.00 so that is what I will use.

Ed gave me a hand installing it and in no time flat it was done ready for use.

Part of the Easter festivities is that we are going to smoke some things for the potluck.  Our friends Micheal and Sandra have a smoker so Micheal will be in charge of the smoking.  I'm just the checker and occasional taste tester.

First of all we smoked some boiled eggs.  They were delicious after about an hour in the hickory smoke.

He smoked chicken and potatoes and a ham before he was done.  We borrowed the solar power for the smoker from Pat and Harolds rig.  Thanks guys.

We had set supper for 6 pm so it would not be so hot sitting out in the open so by the time everyone was ready, the sun was sinking in the west.  It was a great supper with lamb, sausage, chicken, ham, eggs, potatoes, and a lot of neat salads.  We had a lot of neat dishes to sample.  Our neighbours are from Germany so they introduced us to some of their favorites.  Germans are great cooks in my books.

We had a great evening sitting around telling stories.  What a great way to celebrate Easter.

Here is the view from our window today:

Our Location Today: Government Wash Road NV, near Las Vegas NV. 36.1257 -114.8342


  1. What a wonderful way to spend the day. Never heard of smoked hard boiled eggs. You folks are inventive.

    Enjoy the rest of your time there.

  2. I hadn't heard of them either before Sunday. We are staying where it is warm for as long as we can.


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