Friday 6 April 2018

Pat and Harold return from Manitoba

Another hot day at Lake Mead today.  We are soaking up the sun before our northward trek continues.  We all sat out under the awning for our morning happy hour.  Even Lexi was chilling.

Sue had purchased a new chair at Camping World the other day and today she was trying it out.

Temperatures were climbing even more today so we just stayed in the shade for most of the afternoon.

Pat and Harold are coming in on a 6:30 flight from Manitoba so Sue and I went to pick them up at Las Vegas Airport.  They were hungry when they arrived so we all went to the Black Bear Diner for supper.

Of course Sue and Pat were up to their fooling around, after being apart for a week.

After supper we stopped by Albertsons for some groceries and I found the booze isles.  This is always something new for us because you would never see that sort of thing in a grocery store in Canada.  They had two isles full of wine and liquor.

And an entire cooler for the beer.

This was the view from our window today.

Our Location Today: Government Wash Road NV, near Las Vegas NV. 36.1257 -114.8342


  1. Nice chair, Sue! Is it actually low to the ground or is that just your picture taking that gives that illusion? We love the high back chairs.
    Too bad about your heat. Remember to seriously pack some in your coach before you leave. Seriously!!
    We liked the Black Bear Diner when we were there.
    I loved the prices of booze in the grocery stores BUT even better to see these yellow sale tags. On liquor!! How cool is that??

    1. The chair is actually normal height. Too bad we can't stock up and take some of those sales home.

  2. I agree with Patsy, pack some of that heat in the coach and only let it escape ever so slowly to warm things up when you get back to Canada.

    Nice chair, looks comfy.

    You have to like a store that lets you do an entire ONE STOP SHOP. The sale tags are always cute. I love the names of some of the alcohol they sell down here. Always makes me chuckle.

    Enjoy the heat!!!!

    1. Yes the names get you and it sounds and tastes wonderful, but the result is always the same. A HEADACHE!!!


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