Monday 16 April 2018

Christmas in April

Sheri had a doctors appointment in Wetaskiwin today.  Wetaskiwin is about 45 minutes north of Lacombe and the weather forcast for today was terrible, so like a good father would do, I offered to drive her there.   The trip there was great and she got in and out on time.  By the time we got to Walmart to do some shopping it was starting to storm.  One of the things we really feel when we get back to Canada is the price of meat.  Sue and I stocked our freezer with 8 steaks about 2 weeks ago in the USA for about 30 bucks.  Check the price of these 2  Rib eye steaks.  It is almost cheaper to eat at the Keg!!!

By the time we got done our shop at Walmart it was getting really nasty out.  We had picked up Dani along the way so she helped carry everything.

The drive home was interesting with lots of slop on the highway and temperatures just above freezing so there was a bit of ice.

When we got home there was lots of snow in the parking lot and the kids were having fun.

Today we were going to have the equivalent of Christmas with our Alberta family, so we had a present opening and supper after.  The kids bought Sue and I some neat cold weather things like gloves and touques because we don't have much of that stuff anymore.  Thanks guys.  Each of the kids got lots of cloths and things.

It was a fun evening catching up on all that has happened since we saw them this time last year.  This was the view out our window today:

Our Location today:  Best Western Hotel, Lacombe Alberta, Canada


  1. Ahh so it's your fault there is all that snow ... you are celebrating Christmas so of course you need snow!

  2. At least you are having a white Christmas with the family.

  3. Snow for Christmas, how appropriate but couldn't you wait until July? LOL. Glad you all had a great time! Stay warm.

  4. Of course we had to have snow for Christmas, but that's over now so it can go away anytime.

  5. Never fails...every spring we lose all of our snow, then the day after you arrive, BAM...just because you didn't see snow all year doesn't mean we want anymore of it! lol


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